Recipes With Heart (En español)

Wise Owl Toast

Rainbow Veggie Fritters

Shaved Cauliflower

Grilled Fish Tacos with Mango Salsa

Grilled Herb Chicken

Fiesta Lime Tilapia 


Recipes featured are heart-healthy; however, you may have special dietary requirements or food/drug interaction concerns. Check with your healthcare professional before trying a recipe.

About Recipes with Heart

Consuming the right foods and enjoying physical activity every day is essential to maintaining a heart-healthy life. To inspire our community, we are sharing recipes that incorporate healthy lifestyle choices.

Positive studies published in peer reviewed literature support following a Mediterranean style meal plan to reduce heart attacks and strokes, and also the risk for diabetes, high cholesterol, dementia, memory loss, depression and breast cancer, according to Dr. Stephanie Coulter.

The Mediterranean diet is a great lifestyle choice for all ages and one that I follow and recommend for my own family, friends and patients. The key is to build your meals around plant-based foods (vegetables, fruits, whole grains, beans, nuts, seeds, and olive oil) rather than meat. Choose fish rich in omega-3 fatty acids such as salmon, albacore tuna and trout, consume moderate amounts of dairy, poultry and eggs and eat red meat only occasionally, ” according to Dr. Stephanie Coulter.


Simple Tips & Substitutes

  • Fruits & vegetables — Choose a wide variety and consume 7-10 servings a day (about half of your plate each meal)
  • Whole grain —  Use whole grain breads, cereals and pastas, and also try quinoa, bulgur and farro or corn tortillas over flour.
  • Healthy fats — Use olive oil as a replacement for butter when cooking,  garnishing and dressing.
  • More seafood, less red meat — Substitute fish, poultry or beans for meat. If you eat meat, keep portions small and choose lean cuts or trim the extra fat.
  • Dairy — Choose low fat yogurt and cheeses, but keep portions small.

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