Project Heart

A Heart Health Focus at The Texas Heart Institute (En español)

Heart smart health education.

Get smart with Project Heart, a fun, heart healthy resource for K-6 teachers and students that includes elementary lesson plans, teacher worksheets and educational games.

About Project Heart

Project Heart is designed to support elementary school teachers and others who are dedicated to teaching students how to make heart-healthy life choices. Elementary health, science and physical education teachers may find the curriculum particularly helpful.

Project Heart lessons are aligned for the National Health Education Standards (NHES). These are written expectations for what students should know and be able to do in grades K-6 to promote personal, family and community health. Project Heart covers all eight standard levels of NHES.

Additionally, each Project Heart lesson plan and activity was created based on Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS). These are the state standards for what students specifically should know and be able to do. Project Heart covers the Health Education and Physical Education chapters of the TEKS. Download TEKS Matrix

Instructional Plan

Each lesson included in Project Heart is intended to build upon the one that came before it, and each grade level builds upon the lessons and skills of the previous grade. Teachers may find the classroom activity masters helpful for constructing customized lesson plans. A complete list of classroom activity masters is available with each grade’s curriculum.  Download Instructional Guide

Lesson Plans

A complete “heart-smart” curriculum is included for grades K through 6. Each curriculum contains 3 lessons: anatomy, nutrition and exercise. Emphasis is placed on learning these concepts in a fun and interesting way. Each lesson plan includes goals, instructional objectives, background information, a materials list, lesson procedures/activities, guided practice, independent practice, extension activities, assessment and closure.

Educators can use our Project Heart Lesson Plans to teach students K-6 the basics of the cardiovascular system and cardiovascular health.



Health Toolbox

Cool-E has built a health toolbox just for you! Learn how to cook at home, get your heart pumping with just a phone book, and much more.


Design your own stethoscope, make a model of the heart, and much more!



Cool-E and Heart Website

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