Wise Owl Toast by Chef Amanda

Consuming the right foods and enjoying physical activity every day is essential to maintaining a heart-healthy life. To inspire our community, we are sharing recipes that incorporate healthy lifestyle choices. Chef Amanda DeJesus created this fun recipe for the Texas Heart Institute Heart Month events and her recipes will be tested by the  Elnita McClain Women’s Center Virtual Go Red Event attendees.


1     Whole Wheat English Muffin
1T   Peanut Butter (substitute with sun-butter or any nut butter)
1      Small Banana
2     Strawberries
4     Blueberries
2     Dark Chocolate Chips


1.   Split and toast the English breakfast muffin.
2.   Spread the toasted muffin with peanut butter or almond butter.
3.   Add slices of banana to create owl eyes.
4.   Put blueberries onto the banana slices to finish the owl eyes.
5.   Add the strawberry slices as wings.
6.   Add a dark chocolate chip for the beak.

The recipes featured are heart-healthy; however, you may have special dietary requirements or food/drug interaction concerns. Check with your healthcare professional before trying a recipe.