Regenerative Medicine Research

A Research Department at The Texas Heart Institute

Building solutions for cardiovascular repair & regeneration.

Texas Heart Institute (THI) is a leader in cardiovascular research including one of the most promising areas of medicine today, Regenerative Medicine. To lead the world in creating, translating, and delivering novel solutions for cardiovascular repair and regeneration, THI launched the Regenerative Medicine Research Department (RMR) in 2012.

The RMR team is a multi-cultural, diverse group of scientists, researchers and experts who utilize their depth of knowledge and unique backgrounds to contribute to the department’s areas of translational research.

“The workings of the human heart are the profoundest mystery of the universe.” Charles W. Chestnutt, 1858-1899

Building the future treatments of tomorrow.

Our Regenerative Medicine Research department is dedicated to unveiling the next discovery in this promising, emerging field. Primarily, the team is focused on furthering the science of engineering bio-artificial organs and tissues, understanding aging as a failure of stem cells, and identifying sex differences in cardiovascular disease and regenerative medicine treatments.