Regenerative Medicine Research

A Research Department at THI

Texas Heart Institute (THI) is a leader in cardiovascular research including one of the most promising areas of medicine today, Regenerative Medicine. To lead the world in creating, translating, and delivering novel solutions for cardiovascular repair and regeneration, THI launched the Regenerative Medicine Research Department (RMR) in 2012.

Under the direction of Dr. Doris A. Taylor, the RMR team is a multi-cultural, diverse group of scientists, researchers and experts who utilize their depth of knowledge and unique backgrounds to contribute to the department’s areas of translational research. Research is focused in several key areas, including:

  • Developing new cell and gene therapies for heart and vascular disease
  • Building a heart in the lab
  • Identifying sex differences in heart disease therapies
  • Treating aging as a failure of endogenous repair
  • Engineering new solutions for pediatric heart disease
  • Identifying mechanisms of heart failure with preserved ejection fraction

The department’s laboratories include a College of American Pathology accredited biobank (Biorepository Core Laboratory – BRC) and the Organ Repair, Regeneration & Research Laboratory (OR3). Both the BRC and OR3 are part of the Center for Cell and Organ Biotechnology (CCOB), a collaboration between the Texas Heart Institute (THI) and the Texas A&M College of Veterinary Medicine & Biomedical Sciences. Led by Dr. Doris Taylor, the Center is a place where scientists, engineers, physicians, veterinarians and business managers from both organizations, can interact, collaborate and support students in entrepreneurship through the CCOB Innovation Kitchen.

In addition to research, the RMR is committed to furthering education of medical professionals and scientists on the progress and possibilities of regenerative medicine, as well as to the general community. The department’s strong learning environment attracts hundreds of visitors each year, as well as professionals from all over the world (Africa, Asia, Europe, South America) who train in the lab to develop their careers in medical research.

The RMR’s training programs include pre- and postdoctoral fellowships; competitive summer internships for high school and college-level students; and partnerships with various educational institutions in the Texas Medical Center and at Texas A&M University, where members of the RMR team provide lectures and seminars to faculty and students. The department’s educational offerings emphasize the importance of an entrepreneurial spirit and mentorship, both in the lab setting and in navigating the complexities of research administration and funding.

Helping to shape and train the next generation of medical researchers is of critical importance to the RMR team. After all, as Dr. Taylor says, “Building hearts is not just about science. It’s about creating a team that gets it, lives it and makes it real.”