The Texas Heart Institute is an independent, nonprofit organization that is improving cardiovascular health through trailblazing research, thought leadership, education, and patient care. Our vision is to bring the future of cardiovascular health to life.

Located within the Texas Medical Center in Houston, Texas, and founded in 1962 by renowned cardiac surgeon Dr. Denton Cooley, The Texas Heart Institute performed the first successful heart transplant and total artificial heart implant in the United States. Our physicians and surgeons remain recognized as worldwide leaders in the diagnosis and treatment of even the most complex cardiovascular conditions and The Texas Heart Institute has been ranked among the top cardiovascular centers in the United States by U.S. News & World Report for more than 30 years.

Today THI is led by Dr. Joseph Rogers, an internationally recognized cardiologist and highly published thought leader in heart transplantation and mechanically assisted circulation. Dr. Rogers has a two-part goal for THI: to forge a better future for those with cardiovascular disease—a future with an increased focus on preventive cardiology—and to ensure that THI does it better than any other facility in the world.

Since its inception, The Texas Heart Institute has provided exceptional care to patients from around the world. The Texas Heart Institute Center for Cardiovascular Care is its clinical practice specializing in cardiovascular care in a sophisticated, welcoming, patient-centric atmosphere. Fully integrated with The Texas Heart Institute’s research and education arms, The Texas Heart Institute Center for Cardiovascular Care attracts local, regional, and international patients seeking excellent cardiovascular care as well as cardiologists and heart surgeons looking for expert opinions for their most challenging cases.

Research programs at The Texas Heart Institute continue to push the boundaries of cardiovascular science by translating laboratory discovery to patient care.  The best inventions and innovations in the world mean little unless doctors are trained to put them into practice. Over the past six decades, THI’s cardiology fellowship program has been one of the most prestigious training grounds in the country. The fellowship program at THI recruits from the top medical residency programs in the country. The THI program attracts 80 percent of the candidates applying for cardiology fellowships in the United States.

As THI enters its seventh decade, it remains steadfast in its mission with an emphasis on quality, a spirit of inquiry and discovery, and a willingness to take bold action, THI will realize its vision to deliver the future of cardiovascular health today.

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Unlike most institutions that have a source of operating revenue, THI relies on government grants, research contracts and philanthropy to cover our operating costs. In fact, donations from grateful patients, foundations, corporations, physicians and the general public account for more than half of THI’s annual operating budget. Simply put, our progress would not be possible without the confidence, commitment, and support of our donor community.


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It is because of this support that we are able to push the boundaries of discovery and help positively impact the lives of so many. We remain committed to our pursuits until a cure for this devastating disease is found.

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Celebrating 60 Years of Excellence 

Commitment to Learning & Fellowship


Our mission is improving cardiovascular health today through trailblazing research, thought leadership, education, and patient care.


Our new vision is to bring the future of cardiovascular health to life.


We will strive for excellence in all we do.

We are committed to providing a safe environment for our patients and staff.

We will treat patients and employees with dignity and respect by emphasizing integrity, consistency, responsibility, honesty, compassion, collaboration, and professionalism.

Value and Recognition
We affirm the fundamental value of every person and will cultivate an environment that is supportive, promotes a sense of belonging, embraces diversity, and appreciates that different perspectives enrich the patient care experience and our work culture.

We will use our talents and resources for the benefit of our patients, partners, community, and one another.

Continuous Improvement
We are committed to learning and continual improvement. Our teams will have the tools needed for success and professional fulfillment.

We foster the spirit of inquiry and discovery, encouraging innovation in everything we do.

We challenge the status quo, and experiment to find new ways to grow our organization and each other.