The Texas Heart Institute

Texas Heart Institute (THI), founded by world-renowned cardiovascular surgeon Dr. Denton A. Cooley in 1962, is a nonprofit organization dedicated to reducing the devastating toll of cardiovascular disease through innovative and progressive programs in research, education and improved patient care.

Recognized internationally for research programs in cardiology, cardiovascular surgery, stem cell and gene therapy, and regenerative medicine, our scientists and physicians are spearheading some of the most innovative research in the medical field. And through our translational basic and clinical research programs, we are learning more every day about the underlying causes of heart disease, and the ways in which we can better treat and even prevent it. As the number one killer of men, women and children nationally, this is critical work.

Additionally, our commitment to education is one that sets us apart from other institutions. With initiatives that range from postdoctoral and continued medical education to public outreach and scientific publications, THI is dedicated to spreading awareness and sharing updates on ways to prevent, treat and defeat cardiovascular disease. With nearly 6 million visitors coming to our website from around the world every year, www.texasheart.org is just one of the ways THI is helping to educate people on the importance of heart health.

Unlike most institutions that have a source of operating revenue, THI relies on government grants, research contracts and philanthropy to cover our operating costs. In fact, donations from grateful patients, foundations, corporations, physicians and the general public account for more than half of THI’s annual operating budget. Simply put, our progress would not be possible without the confidence, commitment and support of our donor community.

It is because of this support that we are able to push the boundaries of discovery and help positively impact the lives of so many. We remain committed to our pursuits until a cure for this devastating disease is found.

The Next First will happen here at Texas Heart Institute.

Our Mission

Texas Heart Institute built its mission of advancing the field of cardiovascular medicine around its endless pursuit of discovery.

The mission of Texas Heart Institute is to reduce the devastating toll of cardiovascular disease through innovative programs in research, education and improved patient care.

Annual Report

Learn more about our recent accomplishments by reviewing our latest Annual Report.