• THE NEXT FIRST in Cardiovascular Discovery is happening here.

    Some of the greatest inventions in the history of mankind have been made right here at Texas Heart Institute.  Learn More

  • Texas Heart Institute Opens Its Clinical Cardiology Practice

    “Texas Heart Medical Group will tap into Texas Heart Institute’s long-standing and relentless pursuit of excellence that began with the historic breakthroughs under Dr. Cooley’s leadership and vision.” Eric D. Wade, Board Chair

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  • The entire Texas Heart Institute community is deeply saddened by the passing of one of our longstanding shepherds and notable pioneers, James T. Willerson, M.D.   

    “Dr. Willerson lived a tremendous life defined by curiosity and an eternally burning flame for the study of the human heart and its myriad complexities, and on behalf of the Texas Heart Institute Board of Trustees, it is with a heavy heart that I share the news of his passing.”  Eric D. Wade, Board Chair

    In Memoriam

    Celebration of Life October 14, 2020

  • THE NEXT FIRST in Cardiovascular Discovery is happening here.

    Some of the greatest inventions in the history of mankind have been made right here at Texas Heart Institute.  Learn More

  • NHLBI Funds Texas Heart Institute's pediatric heart failure research

    Texas Heart Institute (THI) was awarded a prestigious four-year R01 grant from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) to develop the first fully implantable circulatory support device small enough for infants and small children.  Learn More

  • From Benchtop to Clinic, Research and Innovation Continue at the Texas Heart Institute

    Despite the COVID-19 epidemic, our team at the Electrophysiology Clinical Research and Innovations (EPCRI) department at the Texas Heart Institute continues to find new solutions to improve the care and treatment of patients with arrhythmias. Learn More

  • New Clinical Trial at the Texas Heart Institute Explores Heart Failure Treatment After Heart Attack

    THI is studying the ability of a new therapy to improve heart failure symptoms, quality of life, and walking ability, and to prevent heart failure-related hospital stays.  Learn More

  • Now Accepting Cardiology Fellowship Applications

    The Texas Heart Institute Cardiovascular Disease Fellowship at Baylor St. Luke’s Medical Center participates in ERAS and the National Medical Specialties Matching Program. Learn More & Apply Today!


  • New! CME/MOC On-Demand: Cardiology in the Time of Covid-19

    In response to the evolving pandemic, THI launched an online educational forum, Cardiology in the Time of COVID-19, to create a forum for discussing emerging topics related to the current COVID-19 and cardiovascular care. Learn More

  • THI Journal Special Section Women

    Relevant, women-focused research and current insights for all medical professionals caring for women today from  Dr. Stephanie Coulter and invited leaders on their fields. Learn More

  • Cardiology in the Time of COVID-19: Thombotic & Embolic Complications

    Drs. Zvonimir Krajcer, and Stephanie Coulter welcome special guest, interventional cardiology fellow Dr. Briana Costello to the THI Studio to discuss the recent reports of thrombotic and embolic complications in patients with COVID-19. Learn More & Watch Episode

  • Heart Healthy for a Healthy Body

    There is no doubt that diet plays a major role in overall cardiovascular health, but each person’s goals and starting place are different.  Which diet should you consider trying? Which should you avoid?

    11 Diets Reviewed

  • Clinical Trials at Texas Heart Institute

    Our physicians and researchers are dedicated to improving patient care for those suffering from heart disease, and the clinical trials underway at THI are vital to advancing the development of new medicines and therapies.

  • THI Today

    Advancing Our Mission to Improve Patient Care

    “In the spirit of the Cooley legacy, we are joining together as a body of clinicians, surgeons, and scientists with a unified ethos to take Dr. Cooley’s core mission far into the 21st Century.” – Emerson Perin, MD, PhD Medical Director

    Learn More

  • In the News

    Harnessing hydrogels to fine-tune the body’s inflammatory response

    Rice University partnered with the Texas Heart Institute (THI) to define the body’s response to their injectable hydrogels that are showing promise for  wound healing, drug delivery and treating cancer. Dr. Darren Woodside, THI Vice President for Research, said the hydrogels could make the body’s immune system more effective at fighting cancerous tumors. Watch News Story

  • The Next First

    Texas Heart Institute Discovery to Enhance the Immune System Moves Closer to Clinical Testing

    THI invention has the potential to augment the body’s immune responses and may have important and timely applications for solid tumors and vaccines in development for at-risk elderly patients. Learn More

  • THI Today

    Texas Heart Institute Professional Staff Applications

    The Texas Heart Institute is now accepting applications for the THI Professional Staff. The credentialing process will remain open to all interested over the next 60 days (until April 1, 2020).

    Apply for THI Pro Staff

  • Over 1000 topics in Spanish & English

    The Latest Heart News in the Texas Heart Institute App

    Texas Heart Institute is committed to educating the global community about the importance of heart health and the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of heart disease. Download the free app to stay up to date on the latest heart topics, news, features, videos, and events.  Learn More

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  • THI Today

    Houston Matters Emphasizes Heart Health on Presidents Day

    Listen to Dr. Stephanie Coulter on Houston Public Radio HoustonMatters recorded on President’s Day from the University of Houston campus online of 88.7.

    Listen to the Heart Health Segment at 31:10 -42:11

THE NEXT FIRST in Cardiovascular Discovery is happening here.

Texas Heart Institute’s renowned physicians, scientists, and engineers are working tirelessly to unfold the origins of disease and identify the underlying causes of cardiovascular conditions to develop more effective and less invasive treatments.  Through innovative and progressive programs in research, education, and improved patient care, we will reduce the devastating toll of cardiovascular disease.

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