• Houston Matters with Dr. Stephanie Coulter

    Listen to Dr. Stephanie Coulter on Houston Public Radio’s  HoustonMatters with host Craig Cohen from the University of Houston campus on  Presidents Day



  • THE NEXT FIRST in Cardiovascular Discovery is happening here.

    Researchers at Texas Heart Institute (THI) and UCLA used their innovative pacing system to reveal the ability to provide synchronized biventricular pacing to a human-sized heart. Learn More

  • Heart Health & Diet in 2020

    There is no doubt that diet plays a major role in overall cardiovascular health, but each person’s goals and starting place are different.  Which diet should you consider trying? Which should you avoid?

    11 Diets Reviewed

  • National Go Red Day 2020

    We wear red today this month for the women, men, and children around the world living with heart disease. Our focus and resolve are strong, and our relentless pursuit of new treatments and cures is for you.  Heart Month 2020

  • THE NEXT FIRST in Cardiovascular Discovery is happening here.

    Some of the greatest inventions in the history of mankind have been made right here at Texas Heart Institute.  Our History of Firsts.

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  • A New Decade of Innovation to Advance Heart Health and Medicine

    Dr. Mehdi Razavi’s shares insight on the innovation happening today at the intersection of education, medicine, public health, and technology on Thinking Different (Courtesy Rice KTRU). 

  • Life Imitates Art: The Story is the Artificial Heart

    Dr. Bud Frazier and friends behind the scenes discussion of the total artificial heart and Threshold the movie at the MFAH  Watch Video

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  • Clinical Trials at Texas Heart Institute

    Our physicians and researchers are dedicated to improving patient care for those suffering from heart disease, and the clinical trials underway at THI are vital to advancing the development of new medicines and therapies.

  • Texas Heart Institute App Clinical Research

    THI Launches App to Engage and Educate the Community

    Stay up to date on the latest heart topics, news, features, videos, and events! Learn More

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  • THI Today

    Texas Heart Institute Professional Staff Applications

    The Texas Heart Institute is now accepting applications for the THI Professional Staff. The credentialing process will remain open to all interested over the next 60 days (until April 1, 2020).

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  • THI Today

    Houston Matters Emphasizes Heart Health on Presidents Day

    Listen to Dr. Stephanie Coulter on Houston Public Radio HoustonMatters recorded on President’s Day from the University of Houston campus online of 88.7.

    Listen to the Heart Health Segment at 31:10 -42:11

  • Over 1000 topics in Spanish & English

    The Latest Heart News in the Texas Heart Institute App

    Texas Heart Institute is committed to educating the global community about the importance of heart health and the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of heart disease. Download the free app to stay up to date on the latest heart topics, news, features, videos, and events.  Learn More

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  • Celebrating 50 Years of Firsts

    Honoring our Founder

    Texas Heart Institute founder Dr. Denton A. Cooley performed the world’s first total artificial heart implant on April 4, 1969. The patient lived for nearly three days until a human heart was available for transplant. This was one of the most significant medical milestones for patients awaiting a new heart and paved the way for mechanical devices to be used as a bridge to transplant.  Learn More

  • Upcoming Events

    WomenHeart Houston Support Group

    Texas Heart Institute – a proud member of WomenHeart’s National Hospital Alliance program – has partnered with WomenHeart to support women cardiac patients by serving as the host site for the WomenHeart Houston chapter’s support group meetings. Meetings are free of charge and open to all, regardless of where treatment is received. Learn More

THE NEXT FIRST in Cardiovascular Discovery is happening here.

Texas Heart Institute’s renowned physicians, scientists, and engineers are working tirelessly to unfold the origins of disease and identify the underlying causes of cardiovascular conditions to develop more effective and less invasive treatments.  Through innovative and progressive programs in research, education, and improved patient care, we will reduce the devastating toll of cardiovascular disease.

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It Is Time to Protect Women’s Hearts (Video)

Know Your Numbers

Tools + Calculators

Risk assessments are used to determine your likelihood of developing disease in the future. Learn more below about the most critical numbers that impact your personal health and help your doctor assess your risk for both heart disease and stroke. Calculate Your BMI, Heart Health Tips and more…

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Frequently Asked Patient Questions, located in the Heart Information Center, is a searchable tool that provides answers to thousands of commonly asked questions.

Latest News at The Institute

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Celebrate the First Heart Month of the Decade with Texas Heart Institute

February is American Heart Month, and each year there are a number of events and activities that Texas Heart Institute...

Will conductive threads save your life?

Texas Medical Center News Editor, Maggie Galehouse, interviewed THI’s Dr. Mehdi Razavi, and Rice University’s Matteo Pasquali about their conductive threads that could soon...

Humanity inspired by Dr. Denton Cooley

“…thanks to Dr. Cooley, humanity will continue to be inspired and take advantage of its chances until heart disease is...