Innovative Device & Engineering Applications (IDEA) Lab

Innovative Device & Engineering Applications (IDEA) Lab

Evaluating Cutting-Edge Cardiovascular Medical Devices

The Innovative Device & Engineering Applications (IDEA) lab is focused on developing and evaluating cutting-edge cardiovascular medical devices. The lab specializes in minimally invasive left ventricular assist devices (LVADs) and various cardiovascular testing/training models for mechanical circulatory systems and interventional medical devices. The lab has built strong connections with domestic and international collaborators from Japan and the United Kingdom.

The Next First in Cardiovascular Discovery

Saving Tiny Hearts

Today the IDEA lab is developing a pediatric LVAD that uses a magnetic levitation system that is sized for neonates and children with heart failure. The ultimate goal is to develop the first fully implantable VAD for infants and young children, to help tiny failing hearts until a suitable donor heart is available. The team is also developing an intra-atrial blood pump to slow the progression of heart failure and actually restore the heart’s compromised left ventricle function.

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