THI Cardiac Society

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THI Cardiac Society

Celebrating Thirty + Years of History

The Texas Heart Institute Cardiac Society was founded in 1989 to provide an avenue for exchange of ideas relating to the clinical and research activities among the present and former THI cardiology fellows, trainees, and teaching staff of the Texas Heart Institute. The society also offers social activities for its members.

Membership is by invitation from the society’s Board of Directors. Membership consists of present and former cardiology fellows, faculty and teaching staff of the Texas Heart Institute. Annual membership dues are $100.00, payable each August.

2019 Spring Newsletter
2018 Fall Newsletter
2018 Spring Newsletter
2017 Fall Newsletter



Mehran Massumi, MD, President
Jorge Escobar, MD, Vice President
George Younis, MD, Secretary/Treasurer
Samar Sheath, MD, Member at Large
John Tyler, MD, Member at Large
Joanna Molina-Razavi, MD, Member at Large
Patrick Hogan, MD, President Emeritus
Joggy George, MD, Immediate Past President