Cardiomyocyte Renewal Laboratory

A Research Department at THI

The Cardiomyocyte Renewal Laboratory focuses on understanding how genetic pathways are connected to adult tissue homeostasis and regeneration. By obtaining an in-depth understanding of these pathways, the team hopes to develop treatments and techniques that will prevent disorders like heart failure and atrial fibrillation and develop new treatments to treat heart disease.

Major areas of disease-related research for the team that are led by James Martin, MD, PhD, include heart failure and atrial fibrillation. The lab’s groundbreaking studies have yielded exciting results, including discovering the genetic pathway that prevents the heart from regenerating after an injury. This key biological insight revealed that a failing organ, in this case the heart, can be rejuvenated by removing a specific, inhibitory genetic signal.

The team is dedicated to continuing their work in basic research to develop new treatments for heart disease. This includes developing innovative gene therapies to treat severe heart disease such as heart failure. The lab will conduct further molecular analyses to define novel targets for cardiac regeneration therapy. Cutting edge approaches, such as gene editing technology, will be used to develop novel cardiac therapies.