Editorial Board

James T. Willerson, MD

Associate Editors

José G. Díez, MD
Brian L. Walton, MD

Former Editors

Robert J. Hall, MD
James J. Ferguson III, MD

Editorial Board

H. Vernon Anderson, MD
Christie M. Ballantyne, MD
Yochai Birnbaum, MD
L. Maximilian Buja, MD
Blase A. Carabello, MD
John R. Cooper, Jr., MD
Joseph S. Coselli, MD
Stephanie A. Coulter, MD
Reynolds M. Delgado III, MD
MacArthur A. Elayda, MD, PhD
O.H. Frazier, MD
William P. Goins, MD, MPH
John L. Jefferies, MD, MPH
Tomas Klima, MD
Peter R. Kowey, MD
Zvonimir Krajcer, MD
Joseph Lamelas, MD
James J. Livesay, MD
Gabriel Loor, MD
Douglas L. Mann, MD
Ali J. Marian, MD
David D. McPherson, MD
Gerald V. Naccarelli, MD
Emerson C. Perin, MD
Melvin R. Platt, MD
William C. Roberts, MD, MACC
Todd K. Rosengart, MD
James M. Wilson, MD
Edward T.H. Yeh, MD


Section Editors
Paolo Angelini, MD
Raymond F. Stainback, MD
Yochai Birnbaum, MD

Managing Editor
Christine Lanzisera, BA


Sr. Manuscript Editor
Toban Dvoretzky, BA
Jude Richard, ELS


Production Editor
Stephen H. Varnado, MA

Asst. Production Editor
Katherine Ray

Production Consultants

Editorial Consultants
Paul W. Armstrong, MD
Doris A. Taylor, PhD


Texas Heart Institute Journal Extends Its Gratitude

Our medical and scientific experts bring a wealth of knowledge and experience that make the THI Journal possible. Members of this group deserve our continuing gratitude and recognition.

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