Ramon Bernal

Ramon Bernal is the Manager of Visual Communications Services and Multimedia Productions at the Texas Heart Institute. He oversees all multimedia production and A/V services planning and support to the physicians and scientists who are leading innovative research, education, and clinical programs at the Institute in partnership with local, national, and international collaborators. Show full bio

Bernal worked as a freelance video assistant while he attended college. Since then, he has worked with multiple local and national film/TV companies, where he gained his experience in production.

He graduated from the University of Houston, Houston with a Bachelor of Arts in Communication-Media Production in 2001. While he worked part-time as a videographer-editor for HCC-TV, he continued his work as a freelance for local and national networks, including NFL Films and VH1.

Having joined the Texas Heart Institute in 2007, Bernal brings over 20 years of experience to his roles, and he has dedicated his time to using his extensive knowledge in production to assist physicians and departments with new technologies and the latest digital tools in the field of multimedia. He considers it a privilege and an honor to have assisted Dr. Cooley with several videos and symposium meetings, and he continues to provide personalized services to all medical and non-medical staff. Bernal has provided essential A/V services support to multiple local, national, and international live symposia for the Institute. Recently, Bernal took the lead to accommodate and support virtual and remote productions that were required by the CDC’s COVID-19 guidelines. He has served as a Technical Director to support several local and international virtual symposia successfully.

Bernal also has supported community and industry programs, including collaborations with Baylor College of Medicine, Alliance for Regenerative Medicine, ExxonMobil, American Heart Association, Alpha Phi Foundation, Elnita McClain Women’s Center, BakerRipley, and the Girl Scouts.

In his free time, Bernal enjoys spending time with his wife and son traveling overseas, cooking, and playing music.

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