Keri Sprung

Keri is a liaison within and outside THI and establishes and manages collaborative research and education projects across the Institution, the Texas Medical Center and nationally. Show full bio

Keri has worked in the medical, dental, research and advocacy fields since 1992 and brings to THI nearly 20 years of unique work and volunteer experiences. After graduating from the University of Texas at Austin’s College of Natural Sciences, she worked with the cardiovascular division of Pfizer providing institutional support to the Texas Heart Institute, Baylor College of Medicine, Texas Children’s, St. Luke’s and a number of hospitals in the Texas Medical Center. As Vice President of Marketing for a biotech company in Austin, Texas, she provided strategic direction for the commercialization of innovative medical device technologies and was a member of the executive team involved with new business development, sales team development and investor relations.

Keri co-founded two medical device companies providing surgical services for point-of-care bone marrow aspirate concentration, across Texas, New Mexico and Colorado. She served as a strategic advisor to the Genetics Policy Institute Stem Cell Action Coalition and is a current adviser and former vice chair of Texans for Stem Cell Research (now Texans for Cures), a non-profit advocacy organization based in Austin since 2009.

Since 2011, Keri has developed relationships, new partnerships and programs for THI and leads important research and education initiatives in collaboration with organizations and corporations locally and nationally including: The University of Texas Health Science Center Houston, Baylor College of Medicine, WomenHeart National Hospital Alliance, Alliance for Regenerative Medicine, ExxonMobil, American Heart Association, Rice University Baker Institute, Alpha Phi Foundation, Center for Houston’s Future, Elnita McClain Women’s Center, LHI Houston, BakerRipley, Breakthrough Houston, Girl Scouts, Emerge Scholars and Houston ISD.

As Program Manager of the THI Women’s Center, she is responsible for the Houston HeartReach Registry for which she serves as a co-investigator and the Women’s Research & Training Program, a collaborative initiative focused on women’s heart and vascular issues.

Since 2007 she has been a passionate advocate for stem cell research and regenerative medicine and strives to synchronize and coordinate this diverse multidisciplinary community through her volunteer work as a strategic adviser internally and with several non-profits. She is a member of her congregation’s volunteer choir and she mentors high school and college students locally, regionally and nationally. Keri enjoys the arts, opera, symphony, ballet, painting, gardening, fishing and practicing yoga with her family and friends.

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