Biomedical Engineer to Expand THI’s Innovation Partnerships

HOUSTON, TX (October 9, 2020) – The Texas Heart Institute is proud to announce the appointment of Dr. Allison Post to serve in a new leadership role established to further Texas Heart Institute (THI) innovation and expand its collaborative ecosystem, from intellectual property development to the identification and promotion of THI sponsored research capabilities.


Dr. Post will work closely with the THI Vice President for Research as the Manager of Innovation Partnerships to foster new relationships and opportunities internally and externally across the TMC and beyond.


“Dr. Post has an incredible track record in successfully executing strategic plans at the Institute and will substantially expand our reach beyond the walls of THI as we leverage promising discoveries and develop and strengthen our research portfolio and training programs aimed to cultivate the next generation of leaders in STEM, “ Darren Woodside, Ph.D., Vice President for Research.


Allison Post, Ph.D. is a Biomedical Engineer at the Texas Heart Institute working with cardiologists and engineers to revolutionize procedures and patient care through medical device innovation. She is also an entrepreneur and early business development advisor to early-stage start-ups, including those that spin-out from the Texas Heart Institute.


After graduating from Rice University with a degree in bioengineering, Dr. Post gained experience in both medical device design and materials engineering during her Master’s and Doctoral programs at the University of Houston and Texas A&M.  While earning her Ph.D. Dr. Post was approached by Houston entrepreneur and cardiologist electrophysiologist Dr. Mehdi Razavi to join his team at the Texas Heart Institute. As a valued member of his research team, she guides medical technology forward through several inter-institutional collaborations within the rapidly expanding Houston ecosystem and with partners in other leading institutions in the United States.


“Dr. Post has significantly contributed to our progress in the Electrophysiology Clinical Research & Innovations at THI (EPCRI) designing and executing biomedical engineering experiments for the evaluation of novel medical devices and therapies to treat the most complex cardiovascular conditions impacting patients around the world today,” said Mehdi Razavi, MD, Director of the EPCRI program.


As the Manager of Innovation Partnerships, she aims to guide companies both into and out of THI to help achieve the highest potential for new and exciting technologies to reach patients and physicians. “My work gives me the unique opportunity to bridge the very different worlds of engineering, medicine, and business. One of the most exciting aspects of this position is working with the experts in each of these fields, where I not only bring teams together, but I learn from them as well.”— Allison Post, Ph.D.

Allison’s New Position at the Texas Heart Institute

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