Allison Post, PhD

Dr. Allison Post is a biomedical engineer who is passionate about improving patient care and outcomes through cardiovascular device innovation. Show full bio

Allison Post, Ph.D. is a Biomedical Engineer at the Texas Heart Institute. Dr. Post is working with both cardiologists and engineers to revolutionize procedures and patient care through medical device innovation. She is also an entrepreneur and early business development advisor to early-stage start-ups, including those that spin-out from the Texas Heart Institute. After gaining experience in both medical device design and materials engineering through her Master’s and Doctoral programs, Dr. Post was approached by Houston entrepreneur and cardiologist electrophysiologist Dr. Mehdi Razavi to join his team at the Texas Heart Insitute. There, Dr. Post strives to guide medical technology forward and believes deeply in the collaborative nature of innovation within the Houston ecosystem. She is now the Manager of Innovation Partnerships and aims to guide companies both into and out of THI to help achieve the highest potential for new and exciting technologies to reach patients and physicians.

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  • Undergraduate:

    Rice University (BS Bioengineering)

  • Graduate:

    University of Houston (MS Biomedical Engineering)

  • Postgraduate:

    Texas A&M University (PhD Biomedical Engineering)


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