Darren G. Woodside, PhD

Darren Woodside, Ph.D., is the Vice President for Research and Director of the Flow Cytometry and Imaging Core at the Texas Heart Institute. Show full bio

Dr. Woodside’s research centers around the role that cell adhesion plays in cardiovascular and autoimmune diseases, and the development of novel means to identify and treat these diseases. Prior to assuming the position of Vice President, he served as Associate Director of the Molecular Cardiology Research Laboratories at THI and Associate Director of Drug Discovery at Encysive Pharmaceuticals. He was awarded his Ph.D. from the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center’s Department of Immunology and was a post-doctoral fellow at The Scripps Research Institute.

He has authored numerous publications, served on Editorial Review Boards, and currently chairs the NIH Innovative Immunology Study Section.

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  • Undergraduate:

    Queen's University at Kingston

  • Postgraduate:

    University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center, Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences

  • Fellowships:

    The Scripps Research Institute


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