Our Department

The mission of the Electrophysiology Clinical Research & Innovations department (ECRI) is to create and develop an infrastructure for translational and clinical cardiac arrhythmia research and innovation, and to be an internationally recognized leader in the field of cardiac arrhythmias research and management.

The team does this through a specific focus on translational research that will innovate devices and techniques used to detect, manage and treat various cardiac conditions, in particular arrhythmias. Led by Director Mehdi Razavi, MD, the team emphasizes the importance of innovations that will improve healthcare outcomes for hospitals as well as patient’s and their quality of life.

The ECRI’s current research studies include projects centered around the:

  • Application of carbon nanotube fibers as a therapeutic and diagnostic tool to manage heart disease
  • Development of a wireless, lead-less pacemaker to provide personalized multisite pacing therapies
  • Creation of an impedance-based navigation tool to enable easier access to pericardial space during epicardial procedures