THI partners with International Society to Discuss AI in Cardiovascular Medicine

The Texas Heart Institute is leading several digital research and education initiatives across the institution and partnering with societies worldwide to share progress in the field. 

This year, in honor of American Heart Month, the Texas Heart Institute is proud to partner with the Houston Chapter of the International Society for Endovascular Specialists (ISEVS) on a special event dedicated to advances in artificial intelligence for cardiovascular medicine. 

Dr. Zvonimir Krajcer serves as the immediate past president of the ISEVS. His leadership and commitment to outstanding international collaborations have impacted patients’ care suffering from vascular diseases worldwide for more than a quarter of a century. Dr. Krajcer remains one of the most active contributors to the Texas Heart Institute’s mission to impact patient care through education. With the COVID-19 pandemic, his dedication to maintaining excellence in teaching is indisputable.

“Although our professional community is unable to convene in person for these important meetings during the pandemic, we have overcome many challenges and continue to share knowledge virtually. The global community is embracing the latest, modern technologies that are certain to revolutionize how we educate medical professionals to improve outcomes like never before,” according to Dr. Krajcer.

With leading national and international colleagues, THI is pursuing a new level of excellence in education. “The ultimate goal is to advance how doctors and surgeons harness artificial intelligence and digital medicine to modernize professional education to improve outcomes, said Dr. Krajcer.” “Our younger generation of specialists can benefit from in-depth case discussions and debates regarding complex endovascular cases and different approaches around the world.”

Dr. Krajcer recognized the need for better quality discussions online long before the pandemic and partnered with Texas Heart Institute Assistant Medical Director, Dr. Stephanie Coulter, to launch an original education series, Innovative Technologies & Techniques

“We are working hard every day to elevate the conversation online for those who do not have access to medical meetings. These are the meetings where the most current procedures and practices are often first discussed,” said Dr. Stephanie Coulter, MD. She will speak at the upcoming event on AI in Echocardiography. 

The chapter meeting is open to all professionals and those interested in the AI frontier for cardiology. The live broadcast will include several exciting presentations and a live discussion led by Alan Lumsden, MD & Zvonimir Krajcer, MD. 

Digital Cardiology and Wearable Devices | Tony Das, MD 
AI in Electrophysiology | Mehdi Razavi, MD 
AI in Echocardiography | Stephanie Coulter, MD
Latest Advances in AI in Imaging | Zvonimir Krajcer, MD
Robotics in CVM | Alan Lumsden, MD 

THI and the ISEVS was held February 25 at 6:00 PM  Special Livestream