The Texas Heart Institute Welcomes Six Talented Doctors

Houston, November 30, 2022  – Over the past six decades, The Texas Heart Institute’s cardiology fellowship program at Baylor St. Luke’s Medical Center has been one of the most prestigious training grounds in the country, and today its members proudly welcome six exceptional young physicians.

The fellowship program at The Institute recruits from the top medical residency programs in the country, attracting 80 percent of the candidates applying for cardiology fellowships in the United States—about 925 applicants vying for just six training spots.

“Physicians who come to The Texas Heart Institute for training seek a learning environment where they can train in every aspect of cardiovascular medicine— patient care as well as research and education—in a collaborative, intellectually-stimulating clinical environment where they learn in real time, on real cases,” said Dr. Stephanie Coulter, Fellowship Program Director.

From day one, The Texas Heart Institute fellows are exposed to the newest diagnostic and therapeutic technologies in cardiovascular care and are trained in every procedure. Many pursue additional study in one of the many subspecialty disciplines that make up the complex field of cardiology.

“By the time they complete the three-year program, they have participated in all clinical interventions and followed patients from consult to post-op,” added Dr. George Younis, Assistant Program Director. “They understand every type of intervention’s complexities, risks, and potential complications. They know what to do and how to do it. They also know what not to do and why.”

Meet the Class of 2026!

Colin Hinkamp
University of Florida College of Medicine
Brigham & Women’s Hospital/ Harvard Medical School

Daniella Concha
University of Texas Rio Grande Valley School of Medicine
NY Presbyterian/ Columbia University

Brent Gudenkauf
Texas Tech University Health Science Center School of Medicine
John Hopkins, Baltimore MD

Nirupama Krishnamurthi
Goa Medical College
Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai

Matthew Nardi
Rutgers New Jersey Medical School
Massachusetts General Hospital

Feng Gao
University of Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas
Baylor College of Medicine