Texas Heart Institute Launches App Developed with AT&T

Houston, Texas – (September 24, 2019)  The Texas Heart Institute (THI) has furthered its global commitment to increasing awareness of cardiovascular disease by introducing the Texas Heart Institute app, available free in the App Store for iOS devices and iPads

The app is available in English and Spanish to reflect the diverse audience of cardiovascular patients and communities in need of heart health education.


After determining that most of the education THI provides to its audience is consumed on mobile devices through its website, THI believed it was necessary to establish a bigger technological presence to expand its global audience and their access to the information they provide. THI looked to AT&T Consulting to help with the app development. The team at AT&T designssolutions that help position enterprises for achieving their needs. .


“In this mobile world, our customers are looking to digitize all aspects of their enterprise”, said Frank Jules, President – Global Business, AT&T Business. Our team worked with THI to design the application that fit the needs for their enterprise. Heart health is important to all of us and educating the public is key to better health. We’re happy our collaboration with THI helps provide easier access to this crucial information. We look forward to the continued teamwork with THI as their technology provider in developing additional features for this application.”


The app has four main divisions: Clinical Research, My Heart Health, Women’s Heart Health, and THI Today.


The Clinical Research section is where users can find THI’s current clinical trials, meet the experts supporting clinical trial management, learn more about the trials offered by THI, and sign up for a trial directly from the THI team of professionals.


“This feature on the app is groundbreaking and essential for the research we do at THI. It allows interested participants to contact our team directly if they are interested in learning more about a particular clinical trial. This is important because we use our trials to discover new technologies to combat cardiovascular disease and advance cardiovascular care,” said THI Medical Director, Dr. Emerson Perin and project lead.


Another revolutionary feature is the My Heart Health section, which allows access to readily available cardiovascular education. This segment of the app is how the THI provides outreach as a global educator about cardiovascular disease. Important resources such as the Heart Information Center features over 160 heart-related topics, and the frequently asked patient questions is a searchable tool that allows users access to thousands of commonly asked heart health questions.


“During Hurricane Ike, we recognized the unrealized potential of wireless communications for delivering life-saving messages. Soon after this devastating storm, we collaborated with our cardiology and cardiac surgery colleagues, including Dr. Denton Cooley, to develop a high-quality registry of frequently asked patient questions. Our goal was to provide synthesized heart health information in a format that could help people connect with a specific heart topic and help them grasp more complicated concepts related to various heart conditions, medications, and treatments. We received thousands of inquiries from patients around the world and published many of these informative exchanges to strengthen our online Heart Information Center library and encourage open dialog between patients and their doctors. “We are committed to growing this tool in the next year with many new technologies, techniques and medicines changing healthcare every day,” said Dr. Mehdi Razavi, Director of Electrophysiology Clinical Research & Innovations at Texas Heart Institute.


My Heart Health section of the app includes health risk tools that help users learn about critical numbers affecting their health, such as their body mass index (BMI), cholesterol levels, and blood pressure. In addition, our collection of heart health resources known as Project Heart are located in the My Heart Health portion of the app. Project Heart was designed for students and teachers to find heart health information for younger audiences. Users can find lesson plans, worksheets, educational games, and more for the classroom in this section.


The women’s heart health division of the app highlights information developed in our Center for Women’s Heart and Vascular Health. Resources in this section feature the THI’s notable Straight Talk Newsletter by Dr. Stephanie Coulter, information about Women’s Healthy Heart Screening events, Houston HeartReach, Recipes with Heart, and more.


“Delivering current and relevant lifesaving messages to the community is critical to making an impact on the health and wellbeing of women today. Women are juggling more every year, and we needed a way to keep in touch with women on the go or who may not have access to a desktop computer or internet connection to find help,” said Stephanie Coulter, THI’s Director of Center for Women’s Heart & Vascular Health.


The THI today section of the app keeps users up to date on the latest heart topics, news, new videos, and events happening around the Texas Heart Institute. Learn more by visiting the App Store for iPhone® and iPad®, compatible THI app or Google Play for Android compatible apps.


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