Annual Conference Honors the 50th Anniversary of the World’s First Total Artificial Heart

The Annual THI Perfusion Conference will be held June 7-9, 2019 at the Texas Heart Institute. The agenda for this year’s conference will include case reviews and discussion about the latest trends in the industry. Conference participants will earn 18.00 CAT I Continuing Education Credits (CEUs) from the American Board of Cardiovascular Perfusion (ABCP).

On Friday June 7, THI will host a special afternoon session to honor the 50th Anniversary of the World’s First Total Artificial Heart with a presentation from Special Guest Colonel Jack Lousma, former NASA Astronaut, Pushing the Boundaries of Exploration for Innovation:  Our Parallel Journeys as Pioneers”  

Colonel Jack Lousma is a former NASA astronaut and was the Pilot of the second manned crew on the Skylab space station in 1973, Commander STS-3 and the third Space Shuttle mission in 1982. Famously, he was the CAPCOM recipient of the “Houston, we’ve had a problem” message from Apollo 13.

O.H. Bud Frazier, MD will deliver this year’s keynote “Commemorating Dr. Denton A. Cooley: The Untold Stories Behind the Moonshot”. A special panel will follow moderated by Col. Lousma’s daughter and TMC veteran Mary Cohn,“Pioneers Unplugged: The Stories, Behind Space and Medicine Exploration into the Unknown”with Dr. Bud Frazier, and Astronaut Col. Lousma

Funds raised at this year’s conference will provide critical programmatic support for the School of Perfusion as they continue to train the next generation of perfusionists.

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“With the advent of the heart-lung machine, for example, we surgeons had the key to a door that had previously been locked. Once we had the key, then we could venture out into unexplored territory.”  Denton A. Cooley, MD