UT Biomedical Engineering student explores device development at THI

Kiana Bahrami, a University of Texas (UT) at Austin student majoring in biomedical engineering, spent the summer with the Cardiovascular Surgery Research laboratory team led by Drs. O.H. Frazier and Luiz Sampaio.

Kiana was mentored by Dr. Alex Smith and Dr. Yaxin Wang on several aspects of medical devices and gained a new perspective on applications of biomedical engineering solutions for people suffering from heart failure.

She worked with computer aided design (CAD) and printed circuit board (PCB) assembly with Dr. Wang. “Kiana was able to apply engineering skills in the design of our latest mock circulatory loop” according to Dr. Smith.

As an active member of Texas Engineering World Health, Kiana is working on a prototype of her own back in Austin and hopes to develop a low-cost neonatal incubator with her team that can be used in underdeveloped countries.  The experience with the THI team was eye-opening.

“My favorite thing about working at the Texas Heart Institute was the atmosphere for innovation of next generation treatments for patients and the motivation of everyone to develop the next big thing to help people. I hoped to learn as much as I could this summer and I did!”

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