Thinking Differently to Advance Women’s Health

Dr. Stephanie Coulter joined Rishabh Kothari on the talk show “Thinking Different,” which aired live from Rice University’s radio station KTRU 96.1 FM December 3.

In this episode, Dr. Coulter discusses the Texas Heart Institute’s Center for Women’s Heart & Vascular Health and its community alliances across the Greater Houston Area, promoting health, disease prevention and improving access to medicine for all women.

Kothari also talks with Dr. Coulter about her targeted approach to educate the doctors treating women today and what the future holds for her women’s center, our community, and the rapidly evolving field of cardiovascular medicine.

The radio show, hosted by Kothari, speaks with leaders in the Houston community who are identifying and tackling important problems in unique ways. The show will inform Houstonians about exciting developments in their community and highlight examples of people and endeavors that make Houston a front-runner in various domains including, education, medicine, public health, and technology.

Rishabh Kothari is currently a medical student at Baylor College of Medicine. In addition to being driven by his commitment to patient care, he has a particular interest in the role of communication in medicine and how it improves patient outcomes, creates better-informed communities, and facilitates creative solutions that often exist at the intersection of multiple disciplines. His prior experience includes hosting a similar radio talk show in Austin, Texas. In the future, Rishabh hopes to engage in clinical research to continually improve how he delivers care in clinical practice.

Listen to the interview (Courtesy of Rice University KTRU)