Texas Heart Institute Members Featured in the December issue of Texas Monthly

Texas Monthly’s annual SUPER DOCTORS® list is out on the newsstands this month and honors professionals who are recognized by their peers for their exceptional contributions to the fields of medicine. Each year, the pool of candidates are evaluated on ten indicators of peer recognition and professional achievement including years of experience, hospital appointments, fellowships, professional activities, leadership positions, academic achievements/positions, board certifications, publications, lectures & presentation, honors and awards, and other outstanding achievements. This year’s list includes several Texas Heart Institute doctors, THI Professional Staff members and associates, graduates and faculty of THI’s cardiology fellowship training programs. These talented professionals represent some of the most talented cardiologists and cardiovascular surgeons in Texas who are committed to the educational and research mission of the Texas Heart Institute. This month, they are honored for their professional contribution throughout the cardiology community in 2020.

Jonathan Aliota, MD
Jessica Brown, MD Rising Star
Patrick J. Cook, MD
Stephanie A. Coulter ,MD
Patrick Cook, MD
Joseph Coselli, MD
Tony Das, MD
John Dieck, MD
R, David Fish, MD
Eduardo A. Hernandez, MD
Stuart Jacobson, MD
Biswajit Kar, MD
David Kuten, MD  Rising Star
Scott A. Lemaire, MD
Ourania Preventza, MD
Scott R. Sherron
Neil E. Strickman
George A. Younis
Scott A. Lemaire, MD
Mohammad Madjid, MD
Joanna Esther Molina Razavi Rising Star
Oscar R. Rosales, MD
Ali Mortazavi, MD
Atasu Kumar Nayak, MD
Atasu Nayak, MD
Margit Ann Nemeth, MD
Emerson C. Perin, MD, PhD
Scott Sherron, MD
Raymond Stainback, MD
Neil Strickman, MD
Paul Tucker II, MD
George Younis, MD



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