Texas Heart Institute Celebrates Women’s History Month

“The future isn’t a place that we are going to go. It’s a place that you get to create.”
​​​​​​​​- Nancy Duarte

Women are constantly innovating, creating a future that is much brighter and fuller than those that have come before us. There are many realms where women are crucial to changing the landscape – two key arenas being technology and medicine. Currently, only 5% of tech jobs are held by women, and this overwhelming gender imbalance translates into lots of potential for women.

The world of artificial intelligence is on the horizon, but an inherent gender bias is apparent. Women must become involved with this complex new technology to counterbalance the homogeneity of the group that is currently developing it. Having more women in the tech field will help diversify machine learning and make it more complete for all.

A critical need for women also presents itself in the world of coronary heart disease. More women are succumbing to this awful disease than even breast cancer. Consequently, the work of Dr. Stephanie Coulter and others at the Texas Heart Institute is crucial in creating better awareness, diagnosis, and treatment. Heart disease is frequently viewed as a men’s disease, and women’s symptoms often are not correctly diagnosed, but THI’s Center for Women’s Heart and Vascular Health is working feverishly to change this pattern.

The glass ceiling definitely has been broken, but hard work is still ahead for women of the generations to come. As Estee Lauder once said, “I never dreamed about success. I worked for it.”



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