MyHeart Podcast “Stem Cells in Heart Failure with Dr. Emerson Perin”

A new episode of MyHeart featured Texas Heart Institute Medical Director and director of the Center for Clinical Research, Dr. Emerson Perin.

The podcast hosted by Alain Bouchard, MD is an informative and casual roundtable discussion for both medical professionals and laypeople alike.

In the interview, Dr. Perin walks through the most recent clinical trail results presented at the American Heart Association annual scientific meeting. 

He eloquently describes the promising results of the high profile stem cell research trials conducted in heart failure patients that resulted in significant reductions in heart attack and stroke when added to the best medicine we have available today.

The cell based treatments could revolutionize how we treat patients with heart failure in the near future. Dr. Perin and Dr. Bouchard clearly illuminate the exciting progress that could help millions of patients around the world.

Listen to Podcast “Stem Cells in Heart Failure with Dr. Emerson Perin”

About MyHeart is a podcast where cardiologists discuss recent events in the world of medicine. MyHeart Host, Dr. Alain Bouchard, is a clinical cardiologist at Cardiology Specialists of Birmingham, AL.