Houston Healthcare Think Tank Discusses Progress in Regenerative Medicine

THI’s President Emeritus, Dr. James T. Willerson, spoke at the Houston Healthcare Think Tank luncheon this week at the beautiful Kirksey Conference Center. Dr. Willerson enlightened a full room of members about the rapid progress THI is making in regenerative cardiovascular medicine.

Healthcare Think Tank – founded in 2003 in San Antonio as a small focus group which has now expanded to Austin, Houston and Dallas – is an organization made of of individuals and companies who conduct business within the healthcare industry. Members include bankers, law and CPA firms, architecture design teams, public relations firms and other community leaders that support the industry.

Healthcare Think Tank member Necia Bonner eloquently captured the spirit of the luncheon stating, “Dr. Willerson immersed us in the world of stem cell research. He provided a brief history of the practice and then went on to share the wonderful advances that have been made in this important area of medicine. We are captivated with the initial findings the research is producing and would love to have him back to give us an update on the final results after they complete the trials… It was a treat to spend time with and hear from such an accomplished doctor in this field!”

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