What causes coronary spasm and how is it best managed?

Last year I had what was diagnosed as cardiac arterial spasm with a slightly elevated Troponin I but only overnight, then decreasing. I do not have obvious risk factors, weight 140, 68yrs, cholesterol 170, no diabetes. I exercise and eat fairly well. I am on Norvasc 5mg and a baby aspirin. Do you have any advice as to the cause or any other suggestions?

Submitted by Sandy from Mundelein, IL on 02/09/2014

by Patrick J. Cook, MD

Unfortunately there is not enough data provided to offer a definitive answer. We would need to know about all the tests that were done which led to the diagnosis of “spasm”. Calcium channel blockers, such as the Norvasc you are taking, are a mainstay of treatment for coronary spasm (if indeed that is what you have).