I’m just starting to exercise to lose weight.  Is my elevated heart rate dangerous?

I have not done any real exercising since 2008. I’m overweight. I’m 6 foot 3 inches tall, 340 pounds. I’m trying to lose weight. I’ve been getting on the treadmill and walking in a slow pace for 5 minutes and I have noticed my heart rate being between 140 and a 155. I have an oximeter I check it with. I’m wondering if that is dangerous and whether I need to talk with my doctor about that, or if it’s just because I have not done any exercise like this in a long time?

Submitted by Michael from Alabama on 03/28/2015

by George Younis, MD

It is common for people to encounter a rapid heart rate with exercise when they are particularly deconditioned. A heart rate into the 150 range or higher with exercise is generally not something to be concerned about in the absence of particular symptoms, but it is probably worth mentioning to your doctor in case he or she feels further analysis of your heart rhythm during exercise is warranted.