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Sharing Knowledge Globally

THI Education

Texas Heart Institute's (THI) commitment to education sets it apart from other major cardiovascular centers. The Institute's educational activities include postdoctoral and allied training programs, seminars, symposia, grand rounds, scientific publications, public education outreach, and the Texas Heart Institute Journal.

THI is recognized internationally for its expertise in cardiovascular research and education, and the THI website has attracted tens of millions of people around the world since its launch. In 2020, the website grew 300% attracting over 11 million users resulting in over 68 million page views from over 240 countries, territories, and dependencies combined. The Heart Information Center remains the most visited section of the website and covers over 200 topics in both Spanish and English. THI’s web-based features like “Frequently Asked Patient Questions” and “Straight Talk by Dr. Stephanie” are meeting a huge, previously unfilled demand for reliable information about cardiovascular disease, delivered in a way many people prefer to learn.
THI’s Education Programs are supported by a large team of publication and multimedia production experts specialized in scientific editing, library sciences, multimedia productions, graphics arts, and digital communications. Every day, these talented teams help THI’s physicians and researchers publish their findings by editing and formatting journal articles, book chapters, conference abstracts, presentations, and grants. The scientific publications team comprises scientific editors and writers, grants specialists, and editorial assistants. Most of the editors have advanced degrees in the sciences, and all are capable of editing papers at every level, from ensuring that research methods and results are reported properly to correcting grammar and punctuation.

In 2020, the scientific publications team edited hundreds of manuscripts for submission to peer-reviewed medical and scientific journals. These publications document the important basic science and clinical research being done at THI and are shared across the medical and scientific community through society meetings, online journals, the THI Journal and THI Website, and other digital media channels around the world.

Texas Heart Institute Journal

Since 1974, the Texas Heart Institute Journal has served as a valuable educational tool and resource for physician-scientists and clinical investigators around the world.

The Texas Heart Institute Journal (ISSN 1526-6702) is a peer-reviewed journal published by THI as part of its medical education program. The purpose of the Journal is to educate, with emphasis on disseminating information to physicians in practice. The Journal was originally published under the name Cardiovascular Diseases from 1974 through 1981 (ISSN 0093-3546). The name was changed to Texas Heart Institute Journal in 1982, and the Journal was published in print through 2013 (ISSN 0730-2347). It is indexed by Index Medicus/MEDLINE and by other indexing and abstracting services worldwide.

Today, the Journal invites the submission of clinical and laboratory research papers, reviews, techniques papers, history of medicine pieces, case reports and series, image papers, guest editorials, and letters to the editor. Last year, the Journal accepted manuscripts from authors in over 30 different countries.

In 2020, the Texas Heart Institute Journal attracted over 1.2 million unique visitors, resulting in over 1.8 million journal page views. Dr. James T. Willerson served as the Editor-in-Chief until his passing in September of 2020.  Dr. Zvonimir Krajcer is serving as the new Editor-in-Chief and is upholding the high standards Dr. Willerson established for the journal working with the same dedicated editorial staff that includes talented production editors and consultants.

Journal Archives | Vols. 9 to 47;  1982 to 2020

For more than 45 years, the Texas Heart Institute Journal has been published by the Texas Heart Institute as part of its medical education program. Our bimonthly peer-reviewed journal enjoys a global audience of physicians, scientists, and healthcare professionals who are contributing to the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of cardiovascular disease.

Texas Heart Institute Journal Vols. 9 to 47;  1982 to 2020 (ISSN 0730-2347)

Journal Archives | Cardiovasc Dis: Vols. 1 to 8;  1974 to 1981

The Journal was printed under the name of Cardiovascular Diseases from 1974 through 1981 (ISSN 0093-3546). The name was changed to Texas Heart Institute Journal in 1982 and was printed through 2013 (ISSN 0730-2347). In 2014, the Journal moved to online-only publication. It is indexed by Index Medicus/MEDLINE and by other indexing and abstracting services worldwide. Our full archive is available at PubMed Central.

Cardiovascular Diseases: Vols. 1 to 8;  1974 to 1981 (ISSN 0093-3546)

Continuing Medical Education

For nearly 40 years, THI’s Office of Continuing Medical Education (CME) has been recognized as an accredited provider of relevant, effective, and practice-based CME activities that support the improvement of health care quality in the United States.

The mission of THI’s CME program is to provide physicians and medical professionals with comprehensive and innovative CME activities that are designed to increase medical knowledge and skills and, ultimately, to change practice behavior to improve patient care. These goals are accomplished by recruiting program directors and speakers for a series of high-quality CME offerings.

In 2020 THI pivoted its program offerings during the COVID pandemic. The team accredited live CME symposia, regularly scheduled series, and journal CME activities. The focus turned to offer online programs and virtual offerings with 35 online programs and 4 virtual symposia.

A total of 1,602 physicians and 532 non-physicians participated in THI’s CME- accredited activities. The success of THI’s CME program illustrates the Institute’s extensive reach within the medical community at the local, national, and international levels.

THI continues to partner with Baylor St. Luke’s and the Catholic Health Initiatives Health System in accrediting their CME offerings across the country. THI also works with physicians at Baylor College of Medicine in accrediting and planning several of their educational offerings. This alliance strengthens and expands THI’s education efforts and scope beyond cardiology to many other subspecialties.

Looking toward the future, THI’s will continue to expand the meaningful impact it has on the local and global medical community, supporting the Institute’s overall mission to reduce the devastating toll of cardiovascular disease through medical education programs.