Education Mission

Leading with the Heart

Texas Heart Institute Bud Frazier

In Memoriam James T. Willerson M.D. (1939-2020)

Dr. Willerson’s indelible legacy will live on in perpetuity through his countless achievements in cardiovascular research and philanthropy, the passion that he poured into everything he accomplished throughout his life, and the immeasurable impact he made on the evolution of a world-renowned organization recognized in all corners of the globe.

Sharing Knowledge Globally

THI is recognized internationally for its expertise in cardiovascular research and education, and the THI website has attracted tens of millions of people around the world since its launch.

The Glue that Holds the System Together

While the teaching faculty provide the matrix, the fellows are the real glue that holds the system together. Their curiosity and drive elevate the caliber of our program and, in turn, patient care in this complex healthcare ecosystem.

The Work of Perfusionists Continues During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Committed to the study of perfusion, THI School of Perfusion students voluntarily continued their clinical rotations from March to June of 2020. This team of students was the only perfusion program in the country whose students were so committed to remain in their rotations as most programs were closed during this timeframe.