An Artificial Heart Game Changer: Dubaieye Radio Podcast Interview with THI Surgeon Inventor Dr. Billy Cohn

DubaiEye Radio 103.8 interviewed Texas Heart Institute’s renowned surgeon and medical device inventor, Dr. Billy Cohn, about how he and Dr. O.H. Frazier implanted the world’s first continuous flow pulseless total artificial heart in a living patient 11 years ago. In addition, Dr. Cohn offered insights into the small team of scientists on the cusp of a game-changing breakthrough in cardiology

DubaiEye’s popular podcast “Off Script with Chris, Robbie and Sonal” cuts through the clutter to bring news that matters. With topical talk, big-name guests, and a strong sideline in humor, this episode of Off Script is a perfect listen for your drive home commute or walk around the park.

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Photo at top: Dr. Denton Cooley’s skilled hand holds a continuous-flow total artificial heart.