1974 Dr. Frazier’s arrives to St. Luke’s Episcopal Hospital

1976 First-in-world intra-abdominal left ventricular assist device (LVAD) | Drs. Jack Norman & Dr. OH Frazier

1978 First heart-kidney transplant | Drs. Denton A. Cooley, Frazier & Dr. Barry Kahan

1978 First in world bridge to transplant with LVAD |Drs. Cooley, & Frazier

1978 First in world heart-kidney transplant |Drs. Cooley, Frazier & Kahan

1982 First heart transplant with cyclosporine | Stanford, Columbia, Pittsburgh and Texas Heart Institute

1985 Development of the Abiocor artificial heart | Dr. Frazier

1985 NHLBI funds proposed project to develop permanent artificial heart | Dr. Frazier

1986 First implantation of pneumatic Thermo Cardiosystems Inc. (TCI) LVAD (first LVAD approved by FDA) | Dr. Frazier

1986 First in world implantation of pneumatic TCI LVAD (first approved by FDA) | Dr. Frazier

1986 Development with Dr. Robert Jarvik of blood-washed (non-lubricated) bearing for long-term, implantable continuous-flow (pulseless) LVAD; basis for development of entire field of continuous-flow LVADs (over 30,000 implanted worldwide) | Dr. Frazier

1988 First implantation of intracorporeal continuous-flow LVAD | Dr. Frazier

1991 First-in-world implantation of electrically powered LVAD (also TCI) | Dr. Frazier

1993 First patient to be discharged from hospital with LVAD | Dr. Frazier

1994 First centrifugal LVAD developed (now known as the HeartWare HVAD) | Dr. Frazier

2000 First ever continuous-flow pump (Jarvik 2000) implanted in a human being | Dr. Frazier

2000 First-in-world implantation of continuous-flow LVAD (Jarvik) as destination therapy (in Oxford, England) | Dr. Westaby, Dr. Frazier, Dr. Igor Gregoric

2001 Implantation of AbioCor artificial heart | Dr. Frazier

2003 First device approved as destination therapy.

2003 First in world implantation of Heartmate II LVAD Dr. Frazier (also developed in THI research lab). Now the world’s most widely used device. | Dr. Frazier

2005 Demonstration, in large preclinical model, of feasibility of total heart replacement with continuous-flow LVAD | Dr. Frazier

2006 Six million-dollar NIH grant for development of implantable continuous-flow LVAD for total heart replacement; Dr. Frazier served as Principal investigator | Dr. Frazier

2011 First-in-world implantation of total heart replacement with 2 continuous-flow LVADs in a human | Dr. Frazier

2014 Implantation of single continuous-flow LVAD as total heart replacement in large preclinical model | Dr. Cohn & Dr. Frazier