Can I observe cases or shadow a Perfusionist at your institution?

We are unable to accommodate  observational or shadowing opportunities as we have three overlapping classes totaling 24 students at a time. We recommend contacting local Perfusionists in your area via social media sites like Linked-In and inquiring about possible opportunities.

I am currently enrolled in courses to complete my prerequisites/degree, can I apply with classes in progress?

All courses must be complete and a Bachelor’s degree must be awarded at the time of application. If your courses or degree will not be completed by the application deadline, you would need to wait until the following application cycle to apply.

How close must I live to Texas Heart Institute?

We suggest students live within 15 minutes of the hospital because of emergency call responsibilities and long clinical days which limit study time. See Location for directions to THI and information about Houston and the Texas Medical Center.

What is "Call"?

Hospitals require staff for night, weekend, and holiday emergencies and we must respond in a timely manner.

Do students get time off during the year?

This is a working clinical program and students are approved to have 10 days off during the 18-month period. We recommend these days be reserved for employment interviews.

What are the job opportunities after graduation?

We do not guarantee jobs, but available jobs are posted as they become available during the year. Perfusion students must be willing to relocate after graduation.

Do graduates receive a certificate or license?

Some states require a license and new graduates are given a provisional license for a limited time until they pass the Basic Science and Clinical Application parts of the American Board of Cardiovascular Perfusion exams.

What is the expected salary after graduation?

Salaries vary depending upon your educational background, work experience, location of the country, and job responsibilities. Positions can be in hospitals, physician groups, or contract perfusion organizations.

Can foreign graduates apply?

Students must have U.S. citizenship or permanent residency status at the time of application. If an applicant attended a school in a foreign country, evaluations of original transcripts from World Education Services (www.wes.org) must be provided.

How many applicants are there and how many get accepted?

There are typically approximately 75 new applicants per application cycle and we are able to accept approximately 8 students for each class.

What is the parking situation?

Transportation costs are the responsibility of the student. There are parking garages nearby, and outlying parking lots with shuttle bus access to the Medical Center. Metro buses and MetroRail provide access to Medical Center locations. See location for maps and parking information.