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Update 14-1 (Summer 2014)
Events and donor recognition for friends of Texas Heart Institute.
Support by Program
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Your gifts, from February 1, 2012, through June 30, 2013, enabled us to take new initiatives in research, to provide educational opportunities for young heart specialists, and to teach people how to live healthier lives. We salute your generosity and loyalty, which allows us to achieve vital margins of excellence and to advance the programs against cardiovascular disease.

Texas Heart Institute Donors

Mr. and Mrs. James A. Brient
Mr. and Mrs. Vincent F. Capozza
Jane Chesnutt
Ray C. Fish Foundation
The Hamill Foundation
Mr. Bradley F Johnson
Mrs. Ines I. KochmanMarathon Oil 
Elnita McClain Women's Center, Inc.Ms. Debbie Muller
Mr. Irwin Muskat
Ms. Rita R. Odom
RGK Foundation
Mr. Pearce H. Shanks, Jr.
Terumo Cardiovascular Systems
Adelaide A. Hebert, MD
Lynne and Joe Hudson
Mr. Irvin L. Levy and
   Mrs. Joan Schnitzer Levy
Mr. Jean Neustadt, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Scott Petty, Jr.
Mr. Pearce H. Shanks, Jr.
The Herbert A. Train and Anne Swiff
   Train Endowment Fund

Ms. Sally A. Adams
Mr. and Mrs. John Adkins
*AIG Matching Grants Program
  Marie Large
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Allen
Mr. and Mrs. Victor C. Alvarez
Mrs. Lisbeth Alvis
Ms. Barbara Amelio
The American Society of Extracorporeal
Mr. and Mrs. John A. Anderson
Ronald and Joyce Antes
Apache Corporation
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Appignani
Mr. Tony Arcangeli
Mr. and Mrs. Louis Marvin Atlas
Ruth and Edward Austin Foundation
Dr. and Mrs. Michael G. Avedissian, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. George H. Avgerakis
Mr. Robert M. Ayres, Jr.
Ms. Sandi Badon
*Bank of America
   Phillip M. Dodson
   Joel B. Ruby

Mr. Joe E. Banneyer
Bruce E. Barnum, MD
Mr. and Mrs. Gene Barton
Mr. H. W. Bell
Mr. and Mrs. J. Bem
Ms. Isabel Benson
Mr. and Mrs. Conrad Bering, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Jim Bernhard
The Eugenia and Lawrence A. Bertetti     Foundation
John and Eva Bird
Mr. Tom Bivins
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Bloss
Mr. and Mrs. Jan K. Bogard
Mr. and Mrs. William F. Bond
Mr. Leonarde A. Bonet
Mr. and Mrs. Reynaldo T. Borbon
L. P. and Charlene Bordelon
Mr. David L Boyer
Mr. James J. Breslin
Mr. James H. Brewster
Briargrove Pharmacy Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. John H. Broocks, III
Mr. and Mrs. Carlos Broughton
*The Brown Foundation, Inc.
   William N. Mathis
Bryant Bridge of Hope Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas V. Burford
Mr. William F. Burge, III
Bob and Cindy Byers
Mr. Ben J. Cagle
Charles D. Cagle
Mr. Richard J. Callaway
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald T. Cambio
Mr. and Mrs. Marvin E. Campbell
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Edwin Campbell
Mr. and Mrs. R. Trent Campbell
Mr. and  Mrs. R. Trent Campbell, Jr.
Mrs. Marilyn Caplovitz
Mr. and Mrs. Vincent F. Capozza
Mr. and Mrs. M. H. Carlton
Mr. and Mrs. David M. Carmichael
Mr. and Mrs. David W. Carson
Mr. and Mrs. Tom Chambers
Ms. Christi Chandler
Mr. Philip G. Chapman
Mr. Raymond Chaufty
Chronis Family
Mr. and Mrs. Ottavio M. Codispoti
Mr. and Mrs. Cheney R. Coker
Charles F. and Rita A. Collard
Mr. and Mrs. Lynn W. Conine
Mr. Preston W. Conley
Mr. and Mrs. H. L. Coon
Mr. Charles H. Corley
Mrs. Almeria T. Cottingham
Mr. and Mrs. John W. Craddock, Sr.
Mr. and Mrs. H. Markley Crosswell, III
Ms. Kim De La Cruz
Luis and Lydia Cruz
Ms. Lydia Cruz
Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Damore
Mr. Donald P. Dampf
Mr. and Mrs. David D. Darville
Mr. and Mrs. John A. Daugherty, Jr.
Mr. Ben Davis, Jr.
Joe E. Davis Foundation
Mr. John F. Davis, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. John F. Davis, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Tom Martin Davis, Jr.
Mr. Tim Debner
Mrs. Linnet F. Deily     
Houston Endowment
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew S. DeNicola
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Denner
Mr. Tom Depping
Diamondback Management Services        LTD.
Mr. Charles Dishman
Mr. Charles Dixon
Ms. Alice Dodd
Ms. Jean C. Donnelly
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald G. Douglas
Dr. and Mrs. Michael John Drosjack
*Duke Energy Corporation
   Coleman A. La Master
Mr. and Mrs. Charles W. Duncan, Jr.
Mrs. Estelle Shepherd Dunn
Mr. John M. Dunsmoir
Mr. and Mrs. Henry A. Duperier
Dr. and Mrs. Herbert L. Dupont
Mr. Leonard E. Dutkiewicz
Gary J. Eaton
Mr. Ramsay M. Elder
Mr. Glen J. Ellis
The Ellwood Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew J. Evans, II
Barbara Faas
Aubrey and Sylvia Farb Family Fund
Mrs. Anne F. Farish
Mrs. Bernice Feld
Brian and Donna Felker
Mr. and Mrs. Leonard R. Fellin
Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. Ferley
Estate of Linda K. Finger
Mr. Frederick G. Fischer
Mr. Jacques J. Fisher
Ms. Lynn Fisher
Mr. Hugh A. Fitzsimons
Ms. Teresa L Fivek
Pat and Liz Fleming
Mr. and Mrs. Earl D. Fly
Mr. and Mrs. E. Gerald Ford
Forest Oil Corporation
Patsy and Greg Fourticq
Mr. and Mrs. George C. Francisco, III
Mr. Michael Franks
Mr. J. Murphey Frost
Mrs. Carol Funk
Martin Gambling
Mr. Henry Garcia
Mr. Larry R. Gardner
Mr. and Mrs. Karl Gautschi
Ronny and Betty Gee
Mr. and Mrs. Ronny S. K. Gee
*Gerber Foundation
   Roy Joe Moon
Mrs. Fatemeh G. Ghorbanofhamid
Bridget and J. Mark Gidley
Harvey and Carol Ann Gold
Mr. Greg Golian
Ms. Mary A Gongre
Mr. Willie J Goode
Carol and Dr. Barry Goodfriend
Mr. and Mrs. James R. Gracey
Dr. and Mrs. Joseph M. Grant
Mr. James B. Griffin
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas H. Griffin
Mr. and Mrs. David M. Grimes, II
Mr. Lawrence R. Gross
Mr. Dennis Grove
Mr. and Mrs. Alan Gugenheim
Mr. and Mrs. Gary R. Gurwitz
Ms. Doris P. Haber
Mr. Frank Haberger, Jr.
Ms. Mary E. Hadaway
Mr. Bill Hale
Mr. and Mrs. David W. Hallene
*Halliburton Company
  Jesse Manual Avina
  Thomas Henderson
  Dale Jamison
  Furman Kelley
  Christopher Sumers
  Glenda Wylie
Neil and Kathleen Hamburger
The George and Mary Josephine 
  Hamman Foundation
Mrs. Mildred Hammerschlag
Mr. and Mrs. Ron Hammonds
Milton and Joan Hanks
Mr. and Mrs. Robert B. Hanson
Ms. Frances Harmon
Donald and Carol Harris
Mr. Ray W. Harris
Ms. Mary Jo Hatfield
Punkin and Walter Hecht
Mr. Myron Helfgott
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey M. Heller
Marianna and Dan Hendricks
Mr. and Mrs. Joe Hernandez
Mr. Albert Barney Herod, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Norman R. Higgins
Mrs. Daythel Hill
Margaret Mellon Hitchcock Foundation
Mr. T. S. Hoch
Mr. and Mrs. Howard C. Homeyer
Dr. and Mrs. Richard E. Honaker
Ken Hoge
Mr. Caryl A. Hopmann
Mr. Richard J. Horvath
Dena and Don Houchin
Harvey R. Houck Jr. and Patricia W.
   Houck Foundation Inc.
Reverend and Mrs. William C.
Gloria Hunt
Dr. and Mrs. Lawrence Hussey
Mr. and Mrs. William Tom Ingram
Admiral and Mrs. B. R. Inman
Mr. and Mrs. Paul D. Jacobs
Bahman and Susan Jahanian
Mr. and Mrs. Peter K. Jameson
Mrs. Sherry Jebousek
Dennis G. and Deborah H. Jenkins
Nancy and George (deceased) Jewell,
Mr. and Mrs. Raleigh W. Johnson, Jr.
Elva J. Johnston Foundation
Mr. Curtis W. Jones
Mr. and Mrs. Gary Jones
Mr. Harold D. Jones
Mr. James M. Jordan
Dr. Mark D. Kalish
Mr. and Mrs. Francis S. Kalman
Kansas Kiwanis Foundation, Inc.
Mrs. Miriam Kaplan
Mr. and Mrs. George T. Karpos
Mr. Lester Kastleman
Mr. and Mrs. Curtis R. Kayem
Mr. Edward T. Kiernan
Ms. Keri Michelle Kimler
Mr. and Mrs. Gordon L. King
Mrs. Patricia King
Mr. Doug Kingsriter

Daniel T. Klebek
Mr. Daniel T. Klebek
Robert and Anna Ruth Klein
Drs. Tomas and Marcella Klima
Mr. and Mrs. Edward J. Klinkovsky
Mr. John B. Knox
Mr. and Mrs. Josef Korngruen
Mr. and Mrs. Norman J. Kritz
Mr. Robert F. Krouse
Ms. Marita Kyriasoglou
Mr. and Mrs. Morton Large
Ms. Brigette Larson
Mr. and Mrs James H. Lee
Estate of Mac Leichtman
The Lester Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Jack Levin
Mr. Hugh A. Lewis
Estate of Elsie Lieskovsky
*Linn Energy LLC
   Kyle McNight
Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Linn
Mr. Donald C. Linton
The Livingstons
Norma K. Lokey Memorial Fund #2
   at the Lutheran Foundation of Texas
Mr. and Mrs. William R. Lummis
Mrs. Betty A. Lunsford
Mrs. Rosemary K. Lykos
Mr. John W. Lyons, Jr.
Ms. Catherine MacNeil
*Macy’s Foundation
   Enid R. Robinson
Col. Don Mafrige
Mr. Alejandro Maldonado
Mr. William Mandell
Ms. Deborah Mansfield
Mr. and Mrs. Murty S Manyam
Herbert and Alice Marchand
Mr. R. Stan Marek
R.Stan and Reinnette Marek
Mr. and Mrs. Bobby G. Maricle
Bobby and Yvonne Maricle
Mr. and Mrs. Donald L. Marley
Gerald and Myra Marsh
Boyd and Anita Martin
Howard and Millicent Mason
Mr. and Mrs. Emil J. Mateker, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Matthews
Mrs. Patricia Maunder
Hans Mayer
Mr. and Mrs. Mark McAuliffe
Mr. Pierre C. McCarble
Mr. Cornelius J. McCarthy
Mr. Michael S. McCord
The Ralph H. and Ruth J.
McCullough Foundation
Ms. Lily Lou McMurrey
Mr. and Mrs. William T. McNair
Mrs. Angie I. McNamar and
Mr. C. L. McNamar
Mr. Kevin C. McNamara
Mr. and Mrs. Bill J. Mehrens
The MGive Foundation
Bonnie and Frank Michel
George Stuart Miller, MD
Monte and Sally Miller
Mockingbird Restaurant Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Walter M. Moede
Roy and Norma Moon
Mr. and Mrs. Alan D. Moore
Mr. and Mrs. Timmis J. Moore
*Morgan Stanley Smith Barney
   Monica Woodward
Gary and Louise Moss
Mr. James Victor Muck
The Mulva Family Foundation
Maggie Naslserraji
Betty A. Natalie
Dr. Viswa Nathan
*Neiman Marcus
   Sara L. Leslie
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth L. Nelson
Network For Good
John Nichols
Mr. and Mrs. Joe W. Norris
Mr. Robert O’Beirne
Mr. Charlie H. Odom
John C. O’Leary, MD
John M. O’Quinn Foundation
The Oshman Foundation
Pappas Restaurants, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Luis A. Ayala Parsi
Mr. and Mrs. James B. Penn
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Perri
Petro Harvester Operating Co. LLC
Mrs. Marilyn M. Pirner
Mr. Jay H. Plotkin
Ms. Carolyn G. Porter
Mrs. Jerry Owen Potter
Ms. Jean Pozin
Mr. Gerry Pugil
Ms. Laura L. Rab
Mr. and Mrs. Jesse J. Radvansky
Mr. and Mrs. Jose I. Rael
Mr. and Mrs. Cullen Ramsey
The Edward and Ellen Randall
Randall’s Food Markets, Inc.
Ms. Janet Rasmussen
Mr. Frank Thomas Rea
Mr. and Mrs. Jay Reba
Ms. Gerta L. Reddrick
Mr. and Mrs. Donald Reese
Estate of Georgia A. Remeny
Dr. and Mrs. George J. Reul
RGK Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. John B. Riley
Mr. Carlos Rodriguez
Jean M. Romig
Alan and Sharon Rosen
Estate of Dorothy H. Rothschild
David Rubenstein, PhD and
Martha Braniff
Mr. Ronald W. Rucker
Mrs. Bessie N. Russum
Mr. and Mrs. Nolan Ryan
Mr. Carlos B. Saenz
Ms. Sofia Saenz
Mr. and Mrs. Amnon Sandler
Mr. & Mrs. Rodney J. Sands
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher B. Sarofim
   The Brown  Foundation, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Henry A. Sauer, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Lee D. Schlanger
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Schlesinger
Ms. Barbara Schmidt
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas W. Schnitzer
Herman J. Schultz, MD
Mr. Sidney Schwartz
Mr. and Mrs. Daryl J. Seedborg
Mr. Pearce H. Shanks, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. George A. Shannon, Jr.
Kamal S. Sheena, MD
*Shell Oil Company Foundation
   Richard J. Horvath
   Gwyn M. Thorn
Mr. Tommy Shelton, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Eugene B. Shepherd, 
The Virginia and L.E. Simmons
Family Foundation
Mr. Harbhajan Singh
Mr. and Mrs. Steven Skorlich
Mr. and Mrs. Alan Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Barry Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Bennie C. Smith, III
Bob and Vivian Smith Foundation
Mr. Gary Smith
Harold and Robbie Smith
The Vivian L. Smith Foundation
The William A. and Madeline Welder 
  Smith Foundation
Spagnoletti & Associates
Ms. Patricia Sparks
Mr. and Mrs. James V. Spaulding
*Spectra Energy Foundation
  Howard C. Homeyer
Mr. Richard Spencer
Mr. Robert W. Spencer, Jr.
Mr. Barry Lee Spiers
Ms. Renee E. Spolane
St. Luke’s Episcopal Health System
Mrs. and Mr. Jed A. Stever
Thomas K. Stewart
Thomas Kerr Stewart
Ms. Marcia N. Strauss
Mr. Christopher Sumers
Surgical Associates of Texas, P.A.     
   Denton A. Cooley, MD
   Jennifer Del Prete,  MD
   J. Michael Duncan,  MD
   O. H. Frazier, MD
   Charles H. Hallman,  MD
   James J. Livesay, MD
   David A. Ott, MD
   George J. Reul, MD
   Ross M. Reul, MD
Ms. Denise Sylvester
The Tabor Family Fund
Mrs. Thelda Tanner
Mr. and Mrs. Dean E. Taylor
Paul B. & Frances Lenora Terry Jr. 
  Family Foundation
Cecilia Trevino
Texas Children's Hospital
Mr. and Mrs. Bill M. Thompson
Ms. Grace C. Trimm
Dr. and Mrs. Byron E. Tsusaki
Mr. Leonard J. Twardowski
United Way of Central New Mexico
Mr. Michael Urban
Mr. Antonio Valle
Ms. Carlisle Laura Vandervoort
Mr. and Mrs. Eugene H. Vaughan
Mr. Billy Bryan Vernon
Mr. Malcolm Wayne Veuleman
Mr. and Mrs. Louis D. Vincent
Ms. Elizabeth Cowden Walter
Mr. David Boardman Warren
Ms. Martha Warren
John and Diane Watson
Molly M. and Dan G. Webster III Charitable Fund of the
  San Antonio Area Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Robert S. Weirnick
Frederick M. Weissman Revocable
Mr. and Mrs. Perrin W. White
Mr. and Mrs. Jimmie D. Whitley
Ms. Vicky Wight
Dr. and Mrs. Harry Wilkinson
*The Williams Companies, Inc.
   Isabel Benson
*The Williams Companies, Inc.
   Mary B. Whitfield
Mr. and Mrs. Charles O. Williams
Mr. Eric Williams
Estate of Isabel Brown Wilson
Mrs. and Mr. Charon F. Wimp
Mr. George S. Wong
Nancy K Wood
Ray Woodburn
Mr. Andrew Wooley
Ms. Kelly Marie Woznicki
Mrs. Ann Wright
Mr. and Mrs. John Wright
Mr. Richie Yap
Mrs. Doris A. York
Mr. and Mrs. Jack B. Zimmermann

*Bank of America
   Joel B. Ruby
Mr. and Mrs. Louis Marvin Atlas
Mr. and Mrs. Lee D. Bannister
Mr.and Mrs. Victor G. Beghini
Ms. Lydia M. Besteiro
Ms. Maryann Billings
Mr. and Mrs. Ludwig Brand
Mr. James J. Breslin
Mr. and Mrs. James A. Brient
Mr. Pierce E Cantrell
Jane Chesnutt  
Mr. Homerzelle Melton Craig
Charles & Melissa Davis
Mr. Justin Dixon
John S. Dunn Foundation
Gary J. Eaton
The Elkins Foundation
*EOG Resources, Inc.
   Donald F. Textor
Mr. D. Q. Evans
Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Farmer
Ms. Yolanda Farra
Mr. and Mrs. Robert S. Fertitta
Robert K. Franklin, Jr. Foundation
Fraternal Order of Eagles Grand Aerie
Ms. Suzanne Watton Friend
Mr. and Mrs. Ronny S. K. Gee
The Hamill Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Jenard M. Gross
Heart Exchange Support Group, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. William Tom Ingram
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis G. Jenkins
Mr. Marvin P. Kimmel
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Klein

Recie Kraemer
Long Island Heart Associates
Elnita McClain Women's Center, Inc.
James and Linda McIngvale & Family
Dr. Angelo Miele
Mr. and Mrs. Gus H. Miller, Jr.
Arnold and Suzanne Miller
   Charitable Fund
Mr. Sterling G. Miller
Nancy and Lucian Morrison
Ms. Debbie Muller
Mr. Irwin Muskat
Maggie Naslserraji
Mr. and Ms. Roger Norwood
Ms. Rita R. Odom
John M. O’Quinn Foundation
Mr. William Passmore
Michael Raso
*Raw Materials Corporation
   James M. Smith
RGK Foundation
The Sarofim Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Roger Seiders
Jim and Merrilyn Skelton
Mr. and Mrs. James M. Smith
Mr. Donald F. Textor
John and Karen Thompson
Mr. and Mrs. Leon Toubin
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony F. Vetrano
Mrs. Joseph N. West
Mrs. Margaret Wiley
Mrs. Barbara S. Young
Mr. Herbert Young
Mr. and Mrs. John N. Zeiders

Mrs. Eleanor Lensky (deceased)

*Matching Gift Program

Our goal is to express our gratitude to all those named in this issue of and to list each of our valued contributors accurately. Donors of $100 or more from February 1, 2012, through June 30, 2013, appear in this section.

We are grateful for these contributions and for all gifts to the Texas Heart Institute. Despite our best efforts, however, errors sometimes occur. In that event, we would appreciate being notified at 832-355-3792.

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