Texas Heart Institute Journal: Volume 42, Issue 1

We are excited to share the February 2015 issue of the Texas Heart Institute Journal, now available online.

The Texas Heart Institute Journal is a peer-reviewed journal published bimonthly by the Texas Heart Institute as part of its medical education program. The purpose of the Journal is to educate, with emphasis on the dissemination of information to physicians in practice. For more information, visit the THI Journal pages on our website.

Our medical and scientific experts bring a wealth of knowledge and experience that make the THI Journal possible. Members of this group deserve our continuing gratitude and recognition.

Volume 42, Issue 1 of the Journal features the following articles:

H. L. Fred
Peabody’s Corner
H. L. Fred
W. Zhu et al.
Clinical Investigation
N. Bhatia et al.
A. R. Hartman et al.
X. Gu et al.
E. L. Galiñanes
Case Reports
A. A. Jabbar et al.
A. Kottam et al.
L. Nikolaidis et al.
J. K. Yoon et al.
G. Suero et al.
A. Sarralde et al.
S. Chatelain et al.
M. M. E. Ahmed et al.
G. Davogustto et al.
J. J. Parent et al.
M. Lake et al.
P. A. Erwin et al.
A. Atalay et al.
Images in Cardiovascular Medicine
M. C. Todaro et al.

About the Texas Heart Institute Journal

The Texas Heart Institute Journal is published bimonthly by Texas Heart Institute, Houston, Texas (ISSN 1526-6702). The Journal was printed under the name of Cardiovascular Diseases from 1974 through 1981 (ISSN 0093-3546). The name was changed to Texas Heart Institute Journal in 1982, and the Journal was printed through 2013 (ISSN 0730-2347). It is indexed by Index Medicus/MEDLINE and by other indexing and abstracting services worldwide.

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