THI Fellow receives two awards at Annual American Heart Association Scientific Sessions Meeting

Congratulations to our Regenerative Medicine Research post-doctoral fellow Dr. Fernanda Mesquita, who received two awards from the American Heart Association and was honored at their annual Scientific Sessions meeting. Dr. Mesquita was selected as the 2017 Dudley White International Scholar, an award that recognizes authors who contributed to the highest ranked abstract from each country that submitted. She was also honored with the 2017 International Early Career Investigator Award.  Dr. Mesquita’s abstract was the highest ranked international abstract.

“Dr. Mesquita is a dedicated member of the team and has already made significant contributions to regenerative medicine research,” said Dr. Doris Taylor, Director of Regenerative Medicine Research at Texas Heart Institute. “I’m proud to see her work recognized by our peers at the American Heart Association and I’m looking forward to seeing her continue to grow and prosper in the cardiovascular research space and in my group.”

Dr. Mesquita presented her abstracts – Modeling Premature Cardiac Aging by Induced Pluripotent Stem Cell From a Patient with Hutchinson–Gilford Progeria Syndrome and Investigating Molecular Mechanisms of Type 2 Long QT Syndrome with iPSC-Derived Cardiomyocytes – at the American Heart Association’s Scientific Sessions, which took place November 11–17 in Anaheim, California.