The Heart Beat: Student Scholars Recap Their Experience at THI

Texas Heart Institute’s original series, The Heart Beat, is filmed in the historic THI TV studio and across the labs and clinics. Join The Heart Beat Host Maya Pomroy as she explores medical innovations with THI’s Keri Sprung and the doctors, scientists, and engineers discovering The Next First medical breakthroughs that are redefining heart care and health.

Student Scholars Recap Their Summer Experiences

Interns from the Center for Women’s Heart & Vascular Health and the Visual Communications Department at THI recap their summer experience.


Creativity & Innovation in the THI Idea Lab

THI Innovative Device & Engineering Applications lab is where creativity meets innovation. The team is creating new ideas, imaginations, and possibilities to transform heart health and introduce new and effective solutions into the healthcare market.


Inside Texas Heart Institute’s Biomedical Engineering Student Internships

Host Maya Pomroy interviews student scholars in several THI laboratories exploring biomedical engineering projects with THI’s physicians and scientists.