Sabina Varela

Pearland, Texas Show full bio

Sabina has a family history of heart disease and has lost several of her family members to massive heart attacks. Sabina met with her doctor after suffering from a mild cough, light headedness, and nausea for three weeks. She was immediately sent to the Texas Heart Institute where she was diagnosed with atherosclerosis, and within a day had a triple bypass. Now, Sabina works to be her own advocate, learning as much as she can about the disease and prevention methods. Sabina has experience volunteering at hospitals and is a spiritual care volunteer with the Chaplain’s office at Texas Children’s Hospital. Sabina believes that her ability to empathize with, lead, and guide people will assist her in reaching women with heart issues.  (Fluent in Spanish)

Texas Heart Institute Positions

  • WomenHeart Community Educator (Class of 2016), Center for Women’s Heart & Vascular Health