Cindi Walker

Houston, Texas Show full bio

At age 42, with a 4 year old and a demanding career as trainer, consultant & business owner, Cindi was forced out of the fast paced, hurried, and sleep deprived, unconscious way many working moms function. While on a business trip in 1999, she was working in extreme heat, teaching, facilitating, training, and returning to a small hotel room, alone each night. She awoke at 2 a.m. suddenly with a terrible discomfort in the “center” of her chest that radiated down her arm. She dialed 911, gathered her keys and insurance card and walked out to meet the ambulance—careful not to inconvenience the first responder. Twenty minutes later, she flat-lined, was shocked back to life and told she was having a heart attack. After a trip to the catheterization lab, the doctors discovered that her coronary arteries had “spontaneously dissected,” a rare and often fatal event. After 6 hours of hovering on the edge of death, her heart was successfully repaired with stents. She soon learned that recovery would be a process over years. She lost more than 50% of her heart’s capacity to pump oxygen rich blood to her body and is living a full life with heart failure. “I now live quietly and I live in the now, with intention and gratitude, daily. Living in alignment, I now create change daily to stay in harmony. I am grateful beyond belief and I am passionate about assisting others in living a full and healthy life.”

Texas Heart Institute Positions

  • WomenHeart Houston Support Network Coordinator (Class of 2017), Center for Women’s Heart & Vascular Health