Trace Elements

What They Do and Where to Get Them

Overview of Nine Essential Trace Elements

            Trace Elements Needed For Good Sources


Use of sugar in the body

Whole grains, spices, meats, brewer’s yeast
Copper Hemoglobin synthesis and function; production of collagen, elastin, neurotransmitters; melanin formation    Organ meats, shellfish, nuts, fruits
Fluorine Binding calcium in bones and teeth    Fluoridated water
Iodine Production of energy (as part of thyroid hormones)    Seafood, iodized salt
Iron Hemoglobin synthesis and function; enzyme actions in energy production; production of collagen, elastin, neurotransmitters    Organ meats, meat, poultry, fish
Manganese Functions not entirely understood, but needed for optimal health    Whole grains, nuts
Molybdenum Functions not entirely understood, but needed for optimal health; detoxification of hazardous substances    Organ meats, whole grains, green leafy vegetables,              milk, beans
Selenium Functions not entirely understood, but necessary for optimal health    Broccoli, cabbage, celery, onions, garlic, whole grains,          brewer’s yeast, organ meats
Zinc Immunity and healing, good eyesight, hundreds of enzyme activities    Whole grains, brewer’s yeast, fish, meats