Why are blood pressures different in one arm versus the other?

I am on medication for high blood pressure. However, sometimes it rises so that the values on the right hand are significantly higher than those on the left hand. I measured many times. The higher the pressure, the bigger the difference between the values on the right and on the left hand. What could be the reason? Thanks.

Submitted by Nada from Belgrade, Serbia on 12/01/2015

by Atasu K. Nayak, MD

Thanks for the mail. The difference between right and left brachial pressure should be less than 20 mm Hg normally. Do you have peripheral arterial disease? Do you have any risk factors for CAD like DM and smoking? Do you have any symptoms of claudication in left hand or left upper extremity? Please see a cardiologist and review your blood pressure medications, blood pressures in both arms and symptoms if you have.