What can I do for persistent symptoms after my STEMI and stent?

I am 57, female, 5’8″, 135. Never smoked or drank. Very heavy family history of CAD. In April I had a STEMI LAD followed by angioplasty and 1 stent. I have never recovered from the aftermath of extreme fatigue and squeezing pain in my chest when I am walking upright…I have to constantly sit and rest before going on. Oddly enough, I am able to exercise on a recumbent bike (sitting) without these awful symptoms. I have recently had a stress ECHO and angiogram, both of which were normal. My cardiologist says I should have NO pain, pressure or fatigue but I do. What now? I can’t even walk to the end of my driveway!

Submitted by Stephanie from Oregon on 08/26/2015

by Roberto Lufschanowski, MD

Dear Stephanie: this is not an easy one. Other causes of chest pain are the neck and the GI tract. I am sure they were investigated but just in case….