Though I no longer have palpitations, should I have a repeat of my cardiac tests since I formerly had NSVT?

Hi, I’m a 36 year old female. I’ve always been in pretty good shape, particularly the last few years. I run about 20 miles per week. About 12 years ago, I mentioned to a doctor that I sometimes had mild palps (palpitations) lasting a few seconds. The doctor ordered a Holter monitor and in the 24 hours, it showed an 18 beat run of NSVT (nonsustained ventricular tachycardia). A full work up was ordered and it was determined that I have a structurally normal heart and that this is probably nothing to worry about. Nothing has changed for the worse since. I feel good and, if anything, the last few years have shown a decrease in frequency of these palps from a few times a month to a few times a year (FYI, I have cut caffeine out per doctor.) I have recently become curious about something. So, my question is: over a period of years, does one need a repeat of all of the tests that I initially had done establishing that my heart was fine and the palps not a concern (basically, I wonder if a heart can just become structurally abnormal/damaged over time and if that would be relevant to a preexisting NSVT? Thanks.

Submitted by Mary from Maryland on 04/22/2014

by J. Alberto Lopez, MD

Not all the tests perhaps, but I usually repeat ECG, stress test and echo every few years.