Should I be concerned about a diagnosis of right ventricular dysplasia?

Hello, I have been recently told that I have right ventricular dysplasia by my doctor based on my recent echo. A cardiac MRI was ordered and it was negative for this condition. My doctor still insists that I have this condition, but cannot tell me why my right ventricle is enlarged. I do not know what to do at this point. Should I be concerned? I do not have any signs of heart failure, and was told if this progresses, I could go into heart failure and might even need a heart transplant someday.

Submitted by Michael from Texas on 01/22/2016

RV dysplasia is difficult to diagnose by MRI (although this test is considered the gold standard). The MRI lab has to be very proficient in performing the correct cardiac MRI protocol.

RV dysplasia is even more difficult to diagnose by echocardiography as the chief finding (enlarged right ventricle) can be caused by a variety of other abnormalities. There is something called arrhymogenic RV dysplasia, so many doctors who specialize in arrhythmia are familiar with the condition.