Is there any new treatment for long QT syndrome?

I have long QT and very low blood pressure. My doctor just put me on carvedilol and pacerone. My doctor attempted an ablation but was unable. I have had an ICD for about 14 years. Is there any new treatment? My doctor said my problem was in the lower part of my heart. PLEASE – any suggestions.

Submitted by Mary from Mobile, Alabama on 05/20/2014

by Mohammad Saeed, MD

If you have a rhythm problem arising from the lower chamber, it is most likely ventricular tachycardia. Treatment of ventricular tachycardia depends upon presence or absence of underlying structural heart disease. Based on the fact that your doctor has placed you on pacerone and you have an ICD, most likely you have some degree of heart dysfunction. In this circumstance, your options include medications, ICD and catheter ablation. It seems like your doctor has already tried all these modalities.