Is there a correlation between results of CMRI and Calcium Score?

Is there any correlation between the results of a CMRI and a calcium score test? In other words, a CMRI I had a few years ago revealed that all 16 segments were normal in terms of rest function & viability when it looked at the function of the RCA, LCX, LAD. On a calcium score test, could these come back filled with calcium despite having normal function on a CMRI? Or is this an apples to oranges comparison?

Submitted by Rich from Pittsburgh on 06/11/2016

by Benjamin Cheong, MD

CMR and calcium scoring look at different aspects of the heart. Calcium scoring looks into the amount of calcified plaque in the coronary arteries (blood supply to the heart), while the CMR that you described provides information about the “squeeze” (function) and whether there is any prior heart damage (viability).

Having calcification implies that there is plaque in the blood supply to the heart and would not necessary reflect by the heart function and viability result. In fact, it is reassuring that the CMR result is normal. However, with the presence of calcium, assuming you have no chest pain, it would be important to be followed by your physician, to ensure your blood pressure, cholesterol level, blood sugar and weight are all optimally controlled, including with a lot of daily exercise.