Is my left atrium too large for my age?  I delivered a baby 4 months ago.

I’m a 30 year old female who delivered a baby 4 months ago. I had severe postpartum pre-eclampsia and I am still taking blood pressure medications, although my BP has significantly improved. Recently, I have developed tachycardia and episodes of orthostatic hypotension. I have had normal labs but my EKG showed a notched P wave. I underwent an echo, which was deemed normal, except my left atrium volume is 44 ml. Is this too large for my age? One doctor says yes, one says no. I am a healthy weight, nonsmoker, otherwise healthy individual with no history of a previous heart condition. Thank you!

Submitted by Erin from Michigan on 06/20/2014

Left atrial volume of 44 ml is normal for an average size adult female.