Is it possible that my symptoms could indicate a problem even though the echo showed normal function?

I was diagnosed with benign left outflow tract tachycardia about 4 years ago. Over the past couple of months I have been experiencing pain between my shoulder blades and right in the center of my chest and occasional tightness. A recent echocardiogram showed that structurally my heart is fine. Can you have a heart attack, angina, heart failure with VT only and a clear echo?

Submitted by Sarah from United Kingdom

Outflow tract tachycardia is usually benign and is not associated with any structural heart disease. The PVC or VT typically does not result in heart attack or heart failure, especially if the echo is normal.

Your chest pain could just be from the PVC’s.

But generally it is a good idea to have your local doctor evaluate your chest pain and, if needed, order further tests.