Is heart transplant a reasonable option for my father who is 67?

My father, age 67, has undergone pacemaker (DDD type) surgery in June 2010. His ejection fraction from January 2007 was 20% when he suffered his first attack. He is diabetic from last 35 years, has never smoked or is alcoholic. We have done his angiography a couple of times which shows excessive calcification. From the last couple of months, he has started feeling breathlessness and had excessive coughing. Can we go in for a heart transplant without risking his life? He is currently on following medications: Ivabrad, Lasix, Nikoran, Doxobid, Flavedon MR, Rosovas F20, Lanoxin. Please give proper guidance.

Submitted by Yashwant from India on 02/22/2014

by Atasu Nayak, MD

I think, he has non ischemic cardiomyopathy from your question. Age 67 is not a contraindication for heart transplant any more. Please continue heart failure medications. Monitor LV functions and symptoms closely with your cardiologist. If left ventricular ejection fraction does not improve, consult a cardiologist with expertise in heart transplant subspecialty.