Is elevated diastolic pressure related to coarctation or bicuspid aortic valve?

As a teenager I had coarctation of aorta surgery. I also have a bicuspid heart valve which means I also have a murmur. I’m 32, so still young. I have an appointment next month for my 5 year checkup on my condition, but I noticed that my blood pressure is a bit off. I have averaged 125/92. I tried a few different machines – all read the same, telling me this is isolated diastolic hypertension. Can the valve/murmur cause this type of hypertension? I thought it usually would be both so I thought it was odd. If not, what are some common causes for an elevated diastolic reading? I will see my cardiologist at the end of April, but can’t find anything relating to the abnormal diastolic online.

Submitted by William from California on 03/29/2015

by Denton A. Cooley, MD

In some patients with history of coarctation, hypertensive disease may be related to renal changes which may cause an increase in diastolic pressure. While these are possibilities, please do not assume this is your condition. It is wise that you keep your appointment with your cardiologist, who is in best position to evaluate and help manage your blood pressure.